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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Improving how we talk to people (week 60)

It was a pretty good week here in Sunnyside for us. 

we have been working at improving how much we talk to people on the streets. We are trying to do a lot more of Opening our Mouths. While working on meeting more people we tracked into a girl and got to know her a little on the door step. She told us that she had just lost her great-grandmother and that a lot of her family was here for it. As we were finishing talking with her I handed her a Hallelujah pass-along card out of habit. To make it different I had the prompting that I should ask if we could watch it right there and then on her phone. We watched it and as it went for a little she said, "That's actually kind of interesting". The video applied a ton to her and her current situation. At the end of the video we got to testify of the resurrection and the many blessings that Christ has in store for us. It is super fun being able to talk to a bunch of people and share the joys we know with them. There are so many people we just pass up each day and it just takes five minutes to share a quick card with them and invite them to check it out. We usually go for more quality OYMs than that ,but I just wanted to show how easy it is. 

Elder Bergman is doing really well and working on his Spanish a bunch. He is very much in the same spot as I was when I got into the mission field. I think I may have had a little more experience that he does though. I've just got to work with him to boost his confidence in speaking the language. Time to also give him the chance to speak Spanish with all the members. He is a stellar missionary and will have Spanish mastered in no time. 

The fruit here is awesome. I've been loving all the pears people have been giving us. Asian pears are the best. We aren't very deep into apple season so not all the apples I like are being picked yet. Shouldn't be too long though. Every Sunday at church there is a box of fruit or vegetables sitting in the kitchen for people to take. 

This upcoming week we have Zone training meeting and District council. We also have exchanges with the zone leaders which will be awesome. We have some awesome stuff planned and some really cool people to stop by. Hopefully all is well back home. 
 Sorry it's a little blurry but I liked this one the most. We got hair cuts at a members house this morning and we had fun taking pictures on a swing while the others got their hair cut.
 Elder Bergman posing for a picture on the swing. Elder Hanna in the background ready to take a picture on Elder Bergman's return

                                                   Elder Flamm having a go at the swing.
                                        Elder Flamm taking a moment to think while writing letters.

An Email to his Dad........
Recently I feel like I've been a lot more confident with leading conversations, especially in Spanish. Spanish is actually a lot more comfortable to speak in when talking about the gospel. I need to find a prefect balance so I can also give Elder Bergman time to speak and practice his language skills. I can't be dominating all the lessons. Elder Sanchez didn't have to learn a language so we just jumped right into teaching people and working on his teaching skills. With Elder Bergman I'm helping him learn Spanish as well as improving his teaching skills. Elder Bergman is super ready and is going to take off as a missionary once he gets a good handle of the language. ( He is already a stellar missionary) Thankfully it doesn't feel all to different or more stressful. I've just got to keep trusting in the Lord and his plan for me.

Sounds like you had a super awesome time camping with Blaze. Mom also told me that you are going to be in California soon. Enjoy the trip.

Love you too,
Elder Boren

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