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Monday, September 19, 2016

Talking to wonderful people here in Sunnyside (week 61)

We had a pretty great week here in Sunnyside. We had training's, I went on exchanges (I've been on one every week this transfer and have two more to go), and we have been able to talk to some great people.

 So to start off we had out Zone Training meeting on Tuesday. It was great! Most of our meeting centered around our goal setting session. We were trying to come to a united decision on what our baptismal goal for the months of September and October should be. We wanted it to be a completely united decision and not just a majority vote. When it is just a majority vote we lose a bit of zone unity and not everyone feels as committed to that goal. We had some very long discussions on why we wanted one goal or another. At the end of our goal setting I felt a lot more accountable to the goal that we set. The other part of the meeting was a discussion over the importance of teaching people and not lessons. That is our focus for this month and it is pretty exciting. We didn't get too much into it due to a lack of time in the meeting ,but we were able to discuss it more in depth the next day in our district council. District council is so much fun. It's so great because it really is a council. It is a time to raise questions and share ideas that can help all of us in the missionary work. We related the Teaching people not lessons to having charity toward the people we interact with. We need to invest time into these people and show them that we really care about them. It helps gain trust and when that trust is established it becomes so much easier to teach to their needs. I am looking forward to the many more things we are going to learn about teaching people and not lessons. 

Right after Zone training meeting I went on exchanges with Elder King, one of our zone leaders. He is from Plano Tx. We got to reminisce a little on Jubilee. It was fun and we were able to practice bringing the Book of Mormon to life for people. We need to help them see that it applies to them and that they can learn something from it. We also have to show them that it means something to us. We talked to this guy and helped him see how it would be able to help him in his family life. I also got to do the same thing while teaching some other investigators later in the week with Elder Bergman. We have seen improvement and the people are actually reading. They read because they are excited to read for themselves the things that we shared with them. 

We have been meeting some really great people and because of it we have a pretty busy schedule. We always have something going on and some one to see. We are also trying to get better at how we work with the members and gain more of their trust. I also recently figured out how to do that fire and scribble disappearing trick. Maybe I'll make a video with it sometime this week. 

We have a great week ahead with an awesome Zone Conference to look forward to. Hope all is well back home.

With love,
Elder Boren

                                                                         Elder Flamm.
                  An investigator gave us a big bag of apples so I made some homemade apples sauce. 
                                     Also eggs are really cheap here so we eat eggs a bunch.
                                           Some of the Gala apples our investigator gave us. 

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