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Monday, August 29, 2016

Baptism and miracles (week 59)

Missionary work is the greatest and I'm loving every moment I have to go and talk to people. Elder Bergman is doing great and has a desire to talk to people. 

We are keeping pretty busy here in Sunnyside. We had a really hectic past week, but filled with lots of opportunities to learn and feel the spirit. Just about everyday was filled with some sort of meeting. All the meetings gave me an opportunity to see Elder Bergman's drive to make the most of every moment we have. On Tuesdayy after everything was said and done we only had the 8 o clock hour to proselyte. So we went to an apartment complex that I had never tracted and started knocking. We quickly found that there are a lot of people in that one complex that have been prepared to receive the gospel. We met a very sincere Puerto Rican family that was very welcoming and let us talk to them. The wife is looking for truth and now we get to play a part in helping her find it. Another time where we found ourselves using the most of our time was after Roberto's baptism Saturday. Once the church was all locked up we only had 30 minutes before 9. So we decided to return to the same apartment complex and knock a few more doors. In that little space of time we got to meet some really great people and we even set up some appointments for later this week. Missionary work is amazing and it goes to show that diligence brings success and joy. 

So this past week we have also had a bunch of service opportunities. One of the more interesting service things we did was at the hospital. One of the members in the ward is the hospital Chaplin and asked us to be disaster victims for their disaster drill. Elder Bergman and I were code red meaning we were badly injured in the accident. Most of it was just sitting in a room waiting and talking to some of the other youth who helped out. We got to have lunch at the hospital which was nice.  

Roberto's baptism was awesome. We had a few investigators there and his wife even came to support him. Baptisms are the greatest because we are able to share that spirit with others teach simple doctrine to those that are unfamiliar. We are hoping to have more this transfer. We have been working on finding those elect that have been prepared to receive the gospel. There are always those that have been prepared and all they need is someone to share the gospel with them. That is why every member a missionary is so important. It makes it a whole lot easier to find those people that are ready to accept the gospel. 

I hope everyone has an awesome week. Keep being awesome y'all

With love,
Elder Boren

                                                  Roberto got baptized this weekend!
                                             Elder Bergman getting some appointments ready.

Baptisms are the best. Some investigators came which hopefully helps their progression. 
( How is it being a District leader) It means a lot more meeting and having less time at night to do things. I have to call each companionship at least 3 times a week. 
Elder Bergman is the best. We are both working each other hard and doing missionary work in every moment we can find in our busy schedule. 

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