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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

moving to Quincy, WA (week 81)

Transfer week is coming up and we had just a wonderful week fun of conferences and broadcasts that gave us an opportunity to learn so much. Thankfully the tempature is going up and all the frozen snow is melting. 

Well this week has been full of crazy news. So I'll start with sharing all of that. So the big thing is the changes in the policies there are making in all the missions of the church. So first of all the are limiting the key indicators we report to just five. We report baptized and confirmed, investigators that go to church, investigators with a baptismal date, and new investigators. It has been a great change and helped us focus more on those indicators that will really help us know how we can better help people progress. The other change has to do with our schedule. So far they haven't made any changes but, we know that they are going to be moving daily planning to the morning and when we get home at 9 we get to get ready for bed right away and write in our journals. Then if we are able to and want we can go to bed at 9:30 or we can use our time and go to bed at the usual time of 10:30. Its going to be crazy and we are going to find out more the next Zone Training Meeting. 

This past week we had Zone Conference and there was so much we had to learn. Here is a quick run down of the training we had; Our Desires and Our Actions, Finding, Building Member Trust, Being Anxiously Engaged, Effective Planning, Consecration, Better Companionship unity, Using the Scriptures, Asking for Referrals, and The Standards of Excellence. There was so much to learn and it was lots of fun being able to see familiar faces. President Lewis shared some great quotes on the importance of our desires. One of the being a quote from Elder D. Todd Christofferson. "God will not act to make us something we do not choose by our actions to become. Truly He loves us, and because He loves us, He neither compels nor abandons us. Rather He helps and guides us. Indeed, the real manifestation of God’s love is His commandments". I don't know if I shared this before but, President Lewis gave a wonderful talk on desires at a BYU devotional. Here is the link if I haven't shared it: The Thoughts of Our Hearts or Why Do We Do What We Do? 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and enjoys the weather. Keep being awesome! 

Con Amor,
Elder Boren

Here is what everyone is waiting for, transfer calls. So this upcoming Wednesday I'm going to be transferred to Quincy West and I'm going to be companions with Elder Wright. He came in with Elder Enderton so I will be greenie busting him. I am also going to be released as district leader and get to focus on the missionary work. Elder Enderton will be receiving Elder Palacios, who came in with Elder Bergman. 


I did get some news. I hope you got the email. I think my favorite area so far has been Sunnyside and my favorite companion so far is Elder Sanchez. He is such a great missionary and a goofy one as well. The cold isn't bugging me that much. It has been starting to warm up. We will see how it is over in Quincy. 

Love you too,
Elder Boren
                         A little blurry but, this is me at watching the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast. 
                   Four of us that are going to be transferred out of the Spanish ward here in Wenatchee. 

                     Elder Quast and Elder Enderton at the Missionary Broadcast we saw Wednesday
                                              Welcome to Zone Conference Elder Sanchez.

 A member dropped off a whole box of oranges for us to enjoy. The is also two bundles of bananas he gave us. 
                                                      Setting up for Zone Conference. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lost my name badge (week 80)

We have had a great week here in Wenacthee. It was a little disappointing loosing my name tag but, it gave me a reason to order some new ones. And now I get to be elder Aguirre for a couple weeks until I get mine. It has also been great as the weather has gotten warmer and the snow has started to melt. The only down side to all the snow melting is that it make for a lot of slush and lot of big puddles. It has meant that my shoes have gotten pretty wet some days. This past week we also went to Olive Garden for Elder Aguirre's birthday. That was a fun time since we were able to go as a district. 

This past week zone conference was cancelled and is going to be tomorrow instead. Because it got moved we had to have district council this past week. It was a little bit of a surprise for me since our district does district council on Tuesday and we got the news on Monday.  Thankfully I was able to take some time Monday evening and Tuesday morning to make some preparations to guide the district in learning. It was great as we looked at how Ammon teaches in Alma chapter 18. There is so much he does to help King Lamoni understand and it helps us as missionaries see how we can apply the teaching skills taught in Preach My Gospel. We were also able to do some great role plays to help up apply those same principles to our teaching. 

This week we are going to be having zone conference on Tuesday and the worldwide missionary broadcast on Wednesday. We will also be having transfer calls on Saturday. That is all going to make for a quick and busy week. We'll see what changes this week brings us. I hope that all y'all enjoy your week as well. 

Con Amor,
Elder Boren

So this past week I lost my name tag for my coats. So now I'm going to be Elder Aguirre until my new ones get here. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A bit cold in Wenatchee (week 79)

We have had such a great week. It was a bit cold but, we were able to overcome that with a few more layers to keep us warm. Thankfully it looks like it's going to be warming up in the next few weeks. I'm looking forward to a warmer Wenatchee. This week our highs are going to be getting into the high 30's and the lows are only in the 20's. Maybe all the snow will melt as it starts getting warmer. 

 This past week we have been doing a lot of tracting. We have found some cool people as one usually does but, sadly not all of them are ready for the gospel. It is a great way to share the gospel and helps people get to know who we are. Not too many of them lead to progressing investigators but, we try to be persistent so they have a better opportunity to receive the blessings of the gospel. I know that as we continue to do so we will be guided to those that have been prepared to keep commitments and receive the restored gospel. I'm so thankful for this opportunity I have to share the gospel with other people. It may be a little rough and hard at times but, it is all worth it. 

This week we are going to be having zone conference and I am looking forward to the things we will be able to learn. We will also be able to see all the missionaries from the Omak zone when they come down. I hope everyone else has a great week and enjoys what ever the weather brings. 

Love Y'all
Elder Boren
                                                                   Making Sopa's

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A lot of snow on the ground with more coming (week 78)

So we have had a great week here in Wenatchee. There is a lot more snow on the ground but, I think I'm going to be able to power through it. We got a good 6 inches this past weekend and the word is that we are going to get even more as the week goes on. Its crazy but, we are walking missionaries so I doesn't affect us as much as those with cars. Hopefully it doesn't get too cold either. The forecast says Friday it is going to drop to -9 but, I'm hoping it doesn't. 

This week we were able to find some really great people. We have two new on-dates; Sergio for February 4th and Miguel for February 11th. We are excited for the opportunity to teach them and help them draw closer to the savior. They both have a desire to improve and are willing to commit. We are still waiting for a chance to see how they are doing on their commitments. 

This weekend we had a great zone training meeting. We learned about motivation, using time wisely, having effective lessons with members, constantly finding and better upkeep with our area books. Elder Enderton and I also got to give a final training on being faithful disciples of Christ. We wrapped up the training we were given in the meeting and focused on how we need to have love for others and how love is how we become true disciples of Christ. That needs to become our motivator and when it does we are able to follow Jesus Christ more fully. We are hoping that it helped out the zone and that everyone was able to learn from what we shared. 

So some cool things that are going to be happening in our mission coming up. February 25th we are going to have a worldwide missionary broadcast like the one we had last year. I'm looking forward to the things we will be able to learn from the leaders of our church and also to see what focus they give us for this year. In the week of March 20thour mission is going to be visited by Elder Juan A Uceda of the quorum of the 70 (He gave the Inca bridge talk on prayer). That is super exciting and we will be able to learn from on of the general authorities and he will be able to give us advice on how we can improve the progression on missionary work in our mission. There are some great things to look forward to. Also this week we have district council on Tuesday and interviews with president on Thursday

I hope that everyone has a great week! Keep being awesome!

Love Y'all,
Elder Boren

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

updating our books (week 77)

I have had a great past week. It hasn't been that cold, but sadly it's going to be getting a little colder this week. It's time to layers up and find lots of opportunities to get inside and warm up.
We have been going through our area book and looking for people to visit. We have also been working to make sure it is all organized and up-to-date. It can get frustrating at times when people don't update records and there is nothing to help us see how we can help those people progress. I'm still trying to get better at updating it myself. While we have been going though the area book we have found some great people that have been prepared even more as time has gone by. We now have some more people to teach and we are keeping pretty busy. We are going to keep looking for those that have been prepared and continue teaching those we already have so that we can reach the goals that we set for ourselves.
As I was reading in the scriptures this week I got to the part where it talks about captain Moroni. I love all the different attributes that he shows the example of. He did Joy in liberty and freedom, his heart did swell with thanksgiving, he labored exceedingly for the welfare of the people, and he was strong in the faith of Christ. He sets such a great example for each of us. We can also look to the examples of the other prophets of the scriptures and we should always be looking to the example of Jesus Christ. There is so much to learn in the scriptures and I'm looking forward to what I can learn this week.
I hope all y'all have a great week and have some great studying time.
Love ya,
Elder Boren

I thought I would include a picture of my marking in the scriptures.

Inline image 1
This is probably my most marked chapter. So much to learn from what Nephi is teaching us here. And I'm thankful for the scripture indexing thing I got for Christmas. It helps a lot.

Inline image 1
I had a cough really bad last Monday and Elder Aguirre prescribed me some medicine. A jolly rancher, some homemade salsa, and actual cough medicine. I went for the jolly rancher.
Inline image 2
I don't know how well you can read this, but I enjoyed it.

just pictures this time, week 76

Inline image 3
Santa even visits the missionaries. 

Inline image 1
Elder Aguirre after district council. 

Inline image 2
A pretty sunset over the mountains. 

week 75

So this week has been pretty good here in good o'le Wenatchee. It has been pretty cold, but it hasn't gotten below zero which is a blessing. We have been dealing with it rather well by bundling up real good. We of course are always hoping that we are able to find someone that will let us in a let us warm up. Every once in a while we find some one that isn't too interested in listening, but will allow us to step in for a few minutes to warm up. 

This last week we went to doctrine of Christ training in Quincy and it was a blast. We got to learn from President and Sister Lewis as well as the assistants to the president. I love this training as it gives us an opportunity to learn more about the gospel and how we can share it with others through our missionary purpose. Something that stuck out to me this time was the importance of the phrase "Follow thou me" in 2 Nephi 31:10,12-13. In the missionary purpose it says that we are to invite other to come unto Christ. That means we need to invite them to follow his example. It's also important that we follow it ourselves. If we want the people we share this message with to follow the example of Jesus Christ we need to be willing to do our best to follow his example as well. 

Something else that stood out in my studies is the importance of Christ's sacrifice highlighted in Alma chapter 34.

10 "For it is expedient that there should be a great and last sacrifice; yea, not a sacrifice of man, neither of beast, neither of any manner of fowl; for it shall not be a human sacrifice; but it must be an infinite and eternal sacrifice."

I love the use of the words great and last as well as infinite and eternal. It shows to us the fact that because it is great that Christ went through trials to make it happen. It was nothing like all the sacrifices that had come before. And with it being last we know that there will never be a need for a sacrifice again. Because of those two we have a sacrifice that is infinite and eternal. That means that it covers each one of us and everything that we go through. 

I'm sorry if my email ends up a little short this week. We have had a long day already. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and is able to share the light of Christ with everyone. 

With love,
Elder Boren
Inline image 1
We made a giant cookie with some leftover dough we had. 

Inline image 2
A dramatic shot of elder Miles and elder Enderton playing pool while elder Aguirre got his hair cut.

Inline image 3
Our Christmas tree