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Washington Yakima Mission
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Sunday, June 4, 2017

We just had a baptism this (week 97)

 We went on another hike this last week. It wasn't as great but, we got a great view of Quincy. Sorry we're out of focus
There is good o'le Quincy

We had a pretty killer week. The weather was at a pretty good point. Not too hot and defiantly not cold. It was also a pretty busy week. We had plenty to do and it went by pretty fast. There were to baptisms that we went to over the weekend and that made for a great time.

Anabel got baptized and it was the best thing ever. Here baptism was on Friday and President and Sister Lewis were able to make it to the baptism. Hence sister Lewis taking the pictures. The day before President and Sister Lewis were actually in town for interviews with us and the decided to go to dinner at Tijuanas which is where Anabel works. They ended up meeting her with out even knowing who it was. So that made for a pretty great greeting when they saw her at her baptism. There were some great little talks on baptism and the Holy Ghost and it made for a great night. Later Anabel thanked us for helping her make such a great change in her life and help her find so much happiness. I'm so thankful that the Lord guides us to those that are ready to receive the gospel. Her confirmation was on Sunday and she has been welcomed so warmly by the ward. She is also excited for the YW activities that they will have this summer and the ability she will have to go to the temple her soon. 

On Saturday the other Elders had a baptism and we went to that with them as well. We gave a spiritual thought with they were changing and talked about how the restoration has given us the ability to be baptized and enjoy all the blessings the gospel has to offer. The baptism started a little late but, it wasn't much of a problem. After the baptism we went out to get pizza and we found out that the family who's kids just got baptized had decided to do the same.

This week we are going to be getting transfer calls and seeing what changes will be coming our ways. I hope everyone has a great week. 

Love Y'all
Elder Boren

Having a wonderful time in Quincy (week 96)

We have been having just a wonderful time here in Quincy. The members have really good trust in us and really take care us us. The weather has been warming up and the wind has been less of a nuisance. We have however been getting a good amount of rain and it usually comes out of nowhere. On Saturday we had a really good down pour that only lasted for 15 minutes. It did a pretty good job of flooding the streets in that little time. It was great to break out the rain coat for that short time.

Our investigator is really progressing well towards baptism. We had her baptismal interview this past week and she did well. We could see that Heavenly Father is really helping in the process and that he is aware of all his children. The members have also been doing great with extending a hand of fellowship. The young women are doing great at helping her feel welcome. This week for Wednesday they are going hiking and our investigator is going to be able to go with them. We are looking forward to the baptism this Friday and all the doors it is going to open for her. This ward has really been a testimony builder for me on the importance of working with the youth. It is such a critical time and they are so much more willing to accept the gospel. Then in turn it affects so many people and helps spread the gospel even more. Our investigator is thinking of doing the mini missions that our mission is offering in august. That would be such a great experience for her. 

On Saturday we went to a ward dinner held by the young women and it was a blast. They has a silent auction for desserts and it was funny watching all the members go around and bid on what they wanted. One of the members ended the night going home with close to ten different desserts. We ourselves ended up with three. We were also given two big plates of fresh donuts but we drove by a park and shared them with some kids that like to play basketball there. After the dinner we went to Brother Erikson's house and had correlation. We are getting everything set up for a fireside we are going to have the 11th of June where President and Sister Lewis are going to speak. This is one of the things we are working on to allow the members to do missionary work and invite their friends to learn more. We are looking forward to the results that it will bring. 

This is going to be a great week and I hope everyone has a great week as well.

Love Y'all,
Elder Boren

Day after Mothers Day (week 95)

So this has been a good week. I'm sorry if I don't include much this week but, thats how it will be with it being the day after mothers day. The weather is alright. We got another little bit of cold but, nothing like what we got in the winter so I'm fine. So some upcoming stuff is that at the beginning of next transfer we are going to be having a combined mission conference with the Washington Kenewick mission and we are going to be visited by one of the twelve apostles. Originally it was just going to be the other mission but, President Lewis made it possible for us to attend the conference as well. It is going to be a lot of fun and we are going to be able to learn so many new things.

This past week we also had out zone conference in Moses Lake. It was a great time and we got to learn a good amount on having a good attitude and being obedient. I love being able to go to those meeting and learn new things and add to the things I already knew. Sister Lewis taught us about how Mosiah chapter 4 has a list of things we can do to always be happy. It take a bit of studying to figure out what those things are. 

Our investigator is still working hard towards baptism. She is very committed to keep the commandments and has shown already that nothing is going to get in her way. We have been really working to involve the members and it has helped a lot. She has started to develop some great relationships with the members and it helps at church because those members are able to extend a welcome and even invite her to sit with them. This will help a ton after her baptism as we start to make it where the ward is more and more involved because we aren't going to be around forever. Her baptism got moved to May 26 and she is really looking forward to it. 

I hope everyone has a great week out there. 

Love Y'all,
Elder Boren
                                                          Part of our hike last p-day
                                               Elder Richardson making his way down