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Monday, July 24, 2017

Pretty eventful week (week 103)

This week has been pretty eventful. We had the Fourth of July and many other random things that kept us busy and moving about. It hasn't been too hot but, it's been up there. Thankfully we still get a good amount of wind every once in a while. And it's not humid here too often so we can escape the heat by getting in the shade. We'll see how this week treats us with heat.

The Fourth of July was fun although it was nothing like a normal day in missionary work. Our morning schedule was normal and then at 10 the four of us in our district went out to the fair in George. We watched their parade and then started going around and talking to people. The idea being that we would be out in a very public place and that we'd be seen. We saw lots of members there from all sort of different cities in our area. Later in the week our zone leaders were having dinner with some members and they told our zls that they saw us at the fair and it really meant a lot to them to see missionaries out getting to know the community. At about one o' clock we headed back to Quincy and visited some families and then had dinner with the Hodges. We then had to be back in at 6 and we just did some studies and watched the fireworks that all our neighbors set off. There were more fireworks set off by the people living around just than I'd ever imagine would be in city limits. 

We have been doing a good amount of work trying to find new people to teach and we have really been able to see that the Lord is blessing our efforts. We have been able to find some really great people and even some of the people we had decided to give space to have show a little more interest. We have been working to find the part-member families and really establish good relationships with them. It has been worth it and we get to meet some really amazing people. We hope to keep looking for some more people and really build up this area to be a very strong part of the mission. Elder Bonny and I have been doing some brainstorming and have discussed ways that there can be improvement and it is exciting. 

I hope everyone has a great week and keeps doing their best. 

Love Y'all,
Elder Boren

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Week 102

We had our selves a pretty good week here in Quincy. It was exciting and went by really quick. I can't believe that it is once again Monday. We'll this week has been pretty good. Thankfully it hasn't been too hot. And just about every one offers us a water bottle for us to take. It gives them and opportunity to serve us and us more time to talk to them. 

So on Wednesday we had zone conference here in Quincy. We took a good amount of time to set up for it on Tuesday and we made some final touches Tuesday night when the assistants to the president got to town. It made for a fun night because they got to bunk at our apartment so they could be ready for the conference. It was a great meeting. We got to celebrate the 2 year birthday of the mission with some fun trivia. Most of the meeting was focused on finding new people to teach and all the different sources we can turn to to find those people that are being prepared to receive the gospel. We discussed a lot on how we can work with less actives and part member families to find success in our areas. It was a great conference and I enjoyed it much. It was a little stressful afterwords trying to get everything quickly put away and cleaned up but, it got done. 

A cool story we got this week happened while Elder Bonny and I were tracting. The first people we talked to while tracting opened the door and invited us in. Turns out that they have only been here in town for less than a week and are hoping to be moving to a small house out in the boonies this week. They are currently living with some family and the just moved from St. George. (Elder Bonny's stomping ground) They met many members there that gave them a great impression of the church and everyone in the house is interested in learning more. They already have their own copies of the Book of Mormon and  they even have a picture of the St. George temple hanging in the living room. It was such a miracle to lead to them at that specific time. We look forward to the opportunity we will have to teach them more and help them progress toward baptism. We have already been able to meet with them two times since finding them and it has gone great. 

We are looking forward to another great week and plenty to time to keep busy doing missionary work. 

Love Y'all,
Elder Boren

Week 101

We had ourselves a pretty good and hot week. Thankfully it should be cooling of for the rest of this week. At least we got to enjoy some nice wind while it was hot. We have been keeping busy and trying to make the most of our time. 

A nice chunk of this week I was on exchanges with Elder Black in Ephrata. We started the exchange Wednesday after our district council here in Quincy and then ended the exchange Thursday evening. It was a bit longer than most exchanges that I've done but it was a good time. It was a bit odd leaving my area and my apartment. That was the first time I had done that in a year. We got to teach one of their investigators that is so prepared to receive the gospel. From what I know she met with them just about every day this last week and they had just found her on Monday. Our faith really can lead to some really great miracles. We are always looking for those things that Heavenly Father does to help this work progress even more.  Coming back from exchanges was great because it was so long. It makes me really appreciate my area and the people I know here and especially that I have such a great companion. He really makes sure I'm keeping focus and that I have the opportunity to really make the most out of this last transfer. 

We have been trying to really work with the investigators we have but, we haven't been seeing the progress that we have been hoping for. We will keep working hard to show Heavenly Father that it means a lot to us and to also show our investigators how important this gospel is. We have some really good plans that we want to put into place to really help the work move along even more here in Quincy. This area has so much potential and we just have to find a way to really get this area blazing. 

We are looking forward to a great week as we will be having zone conference this week and great opportunities to share the gospel. We are also hoping to keep finding more wonderful people to teach. I hope everyone has a great time back home. 

Love Y'all
Elder Boren

Week 100

We had a great week here in Quincy. This is such a great town and there are some really great people, both members and non-members. The weather has been perfect this week. We had just enough wind that the heat wasn't too much of a problem. 

We have been working with some really great youth and we have been able to really see the lord playing his part in helping them receive this wonderful gospel. We have two investigators that live just down the street from each other and we had the thought during weekly planning that maybe we could teach them both at the same time. Then at correlation that same day our ward mission leader gave us the same suggestion. Then last night we stopped by one of them and they mentioned that they were best friends with our other investigators and that she had told her that she was also talking to the missionaries. So now we set it up to have a lesson with both of them at the same time. And thats not even all of the amazing plan that is unfolding. Both those investigators are pretty good friends with a less active girl who lives not far from them. So we talked to her and we plan on having her there for the lesson too. And we found out from the less-active girl that they are good friends with Anabel our recent convert. We don't think we can get Anabel to the lesson but at least we have one member fellowship for it. We also plan on getting them to mutual this Wednesday where we will be as well because the young women's president invited Elder Bonny to teach the young women some sign language for mutual activity. Heavenly Father really does look out for his children and he has a plan to make sure that they all have the best opportunity to return to live with him. 

We are looking forward to a great week with me getting to go on exchanges to Euphrata with week. I hope y'all have a wonderful week. 

Con Amor
-Elder Boren

Week 99

It has been a great week here in Quincy. The weather has been getting a little cooler as of recent but, it is still pretty warm. We had transfers and now we are getting into what is going to be a great transfer. Elder Bonny is great and we are having a wonderful time already. He is from St. George, Utah. He has been out for about a year already. It is also going to be his birthday tomorrow so we get to celebrate him turning 19. Elder Richardson and I happened to let our member dinner for Wednesday know that it was his Birthday so they will probably do something for him. 

We have just finished having such a wonderful spirit filled weekend. It started with our combined mission conference with Elder Anderson. The things they shared with us were so great. We got to take a mission picture with the general authorities and we also got to shake hands with each of them. Our two missions filled up the whole chapel and overflow in the stake center. That is a lot of missionaries in one place at one time. Elder Koch talked to us about the importance of working with less-active families as well as part-member families. He talked a bit about how we need to make sure we also work on strengthening the roots of the church in the places we serve. He also touched on acting rather than being acted upon and how we need to have a good essence and a good appearance. Elder Hallstrom spoke on being edified in the meetings we attend. He shared the scriptures D&C 43:8-9 and D&C 44:1-2 and talked about the promised that are listed there. Elder Bonny and I talked about how it is very likely that his talk was to help prepare us to hear from Elder Anderson. Elder Anderson also talked to us on working with less-actives, part-members and youth. He talked about how us as missionaries need to make a push to do more personal contacting because if we do so we will able to increase the success that we are seeing in our area. He told us that he sees our missions baptizing about 30 more people a month. The second part of his talk was how we need to use these two years of our mission to really know who the savior is. He exhorted us to learn and memorize 10 scriptures that we really believe and are meaningful to us from the New Testament and another 10 from the Book of Mormon.  I'm going to try and do it before I finish my mission. 

On Sunday we had our missionary fireside and that was a treat as well. We didn't have the turnout we hoped for but, it was a great experience for those that we able to attend. They both spoke on the gospel of Jesus Christ and I could really feel that what they shared really spoke to each person individually. Sister Lewis spoke on how all of Gods creations help show each of us that there is a God and how they help us grow in faith to grow and progress. Then the musical number right after was perfectly fit to that on Gods creations and it was so cool. Being able to hear from President and Sister Lewis is always a privilege. They have such a strong spirit and share such wonderful insights. 

Elder Bonny and I are looking forward to an great week and we have high hopes for this transfer. It is going to be a wonderful time. I hope everyone has a great week. 

Con amor,
Elder Boren

Week 98

Transfer calls came and things are gonna change. I'm going to save what happens to me for last so if you want to know that you can skip ahead a little and read it. Elder Bown is going to be made Zone Leader and will be serving in the Yak Valley zone. He is excited because he gets to return to the branch he came from before here in Quincy. Elder Richardson is going to be receiving Elder Wunderlich. Elder Klossner is going to be transferred to Moses Lake serving with Elder Bergman. I'm going to be receiving Elder Bonnie and I will also be made district leader for this last transfer of mine. Elder Richardson is excited because Elder Bonnie was his trainer. It is going to be a blast in our little Quincy district. 

This last week has been going really well. On Sunday we had one of our investigators come to church. He didn't stay longer than sacrament meeting but, he said that next week he might stay longer. It is great to be able to see our investigators keeping their commitments and seeing the outcome of their choice. It was also great because he came in a shirt and tie with some nice polished shoes. We are planning on seeing him again on Wednesday and helping him understand a little more about who Jesus Christ is. We also have some other really great people we are teaching but, they haven't been able to come to church yet. We are going to keep working with them and help them see the importance of it. 

We are looking forward to this week and the great things we have planned. One of those being able to hear from and Apostle of the Lord. On Saturday we are going to drive down to Richland and hear from Elder Neil L. Andersen as he speak to both our mission and the Kennewick mission. We are also going to hear from Elder Donald L. Hallstrom of the Presidency of the Seventy and Elder Joni L. Koch of the Seventy. It will be such a great uplifting experience and I really look forward to the things we will be able to learn from them. And on Sunday we will be holding a fireside here in Quincy where President and Sister Lewis are going to be speaking on the doctrine of Christ. We are looking to have a really good turn out and be able to see lots of new face in the church. It is going to be a great event. 

I hope everyone has been enjoying their week and that y'all have some great plans. 

Love y'all,
Elder Boren

Sunday, June 4, 2017

We just had a baptism this (week 97)

 We went on another hike this last week. It wasn't as great but, we got a great view of Quincy. Sorry we're out of focus
There is good o'le Quincy

We had a pretty killer week. The weather was at a pretty good point. Not too hot and defiantly not cold. It was also a pretty busy week. We had plenty to do and it went by pretty fast. There were to baptisms that we went to over the weekend and that made for a great time.

Anabel got baptized and it was the best thing ever. Here baptism was on Friday and President and Sister Lewis were able to make it to the baptism. Hence sister Lewis taking the pictures. The day before President and Sister Lewis were actually in town for interviews with us and the decided to go to dinner at Tijuanas which is where Anabel works. They ended up meeting her with out even knowing who it was. So that made for a pretty great greeting when they saw her at her baptism. There were some great little talks on baptism and the Holy Ghost and it made for a great night. Later Anabel thanked us for helping her make such a great change in her life and help her find so much happiness. I'm so thankful that the Lord guides us to those that are ready to receive the gospel. Her confirmation was on Sunday and she has been welcomed so warmly by the ward. She is also excited for the YW activities that they will have this summer and the ability she will have to go to the temple her soon. 

On Saturday the other Elders had a baptism and we went to that with them as well. We gave a spiritual thought with they were changing and talked about how the restoration has given us the ability to be baptized and enjoy all the blessings the gospel has to offer. The baptism started a little late but, it wasn't much of a problem. After the baptism we went out to get pizza and we found out that the family who's kids just got baptized had decided to do the same.

This week we are going to be getting transfer calls and seeing what changes will be coming our ways. I hope everyone has a great week. 

Love Y'all
Elder Boren