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Monday, February 22, 2016

Transfer week (week 32)

Transfers are upon us and things are crazy. We have learned to expect the unexpected as there is still a lot more missionaries coming into our mission and President Lewis has to do some pretty crazy stuff to accommodate. So to get to the point Elder Sanchez and myself are going to be doubled out of Omak and doubled into Royal city 1st and 3rd wards. This is going to be a crazy change and a new experience for the both of us. My first time doubled into an area. There is also some other fun news that comes with this transfer. Omak is becoming a ZONE! The zone leaders are going to be in the Omak Spanish area and the zone is going to cover Oroville, Omak, Coulee Dam, Brewster, Bridgeport, and Chelan. It is an awesome new change that shows the progression of the lords work. A fun fact is that Elder Turley is going to be zone leader and taking over our area. Elder Flamm is going to move down to Hood River in Oregon and Elder Jeffs is going to be staying in Omak. Transfers are so much fun and very exciting. Here comes another great six weeks of missionary work. I'm also looking forward to going to Othello Stake conference this Saturday and Sunday and seeing all the people I worked with in Othello.

We have had a pretty awesome past week here in Omak. We have had some really awesome lessons and found some really awesome people. The hand of the lord really is in this work. Wednesday Elder Jeffs went on exchanges with Elder Sanchez so I got to go with Elder Flamm in his area. It was a really good time and we were able to meet some pretty cool people. We got to teach this guy that Elder Sanchez and I actually found. We went and talked to him and got to know where he stands and what he expects out of meeting with missionaries. Just a little hard coming out and having my jacket smell heavily like smoke. We then went and did some tracting in the area. We got to talk to some super interesting people and some not too interested people. There were these two people that have really strong faith in Christ and we were able to talk to them about why it is so important for them to share it with others and stand up for what they believe. It's great being able to meet all these people that share beliefs and understand how important this message truly is.

Then on Thursday we had our district council and the Zone Leaders had exchanges with Elder Jeffs and Elder Flamm. District council was great and we were able to have a great discussion on using the Book of Mormon more in our teachings and interactions with others. A lot of the time we can find ourselves relying more on what we know or what the pamphlets say than the scriptures themselves. If we make sure to use the Book of Mormon more and apply it to our investigators needs it will teach them the things they need to know and they will be able to feel of the spirit of it. With the Book of Mormon being the key stone why would we not use it. It bears such strong testimony of Christ and is what will help other come to gain a knowledge of the truth. With the zone leaders here we had to figure out how to work dinner. We called the family who was feeding us and they were willing to have all six of us over for dinner. It was a great dinner and there was still plenty of food left over. Firday morning we had a sort of group companion study and we were able to discuss the role of the holy ghost and how we can identify its promptings. Thinking about which good choice is the prompting from the spirit can be hard some times. I think one way to look at it is to think which one would stretch us the most. Which choice or which action will help us grow and progress. The Holy Ghost is trying to help us in our eternal progression as well. We need to remember that and have faith in the prompting of the spirit.

We have had a really good weekend. Singing in church on Sunday was awesome. We were able to sing "O Thou Rock of our Salvation" to the music of "Brightly Beams our Fathers Mercy". Then when we went to dinner the family had us sing again at their house. Missionary work is the best and their are plenty of ways we can use our talents to help it progress.

Time to answer some questions: I'm pretty sure I haven't put on any weight yet. Still skinny as ever. We usually do most of our exercise inside since it has been so cold outside. On P-day we usually stay at the apartment and play cards.

Hope all is well back home. Remember to follow the promptings of the spirit and put your trust in the Lord.

With love,
Elder Boren
                                                        Elder Sanchez
                                                   Elder Boren
                                            Elder  Sanchez on the piano

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