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Monday, February 8, 2016

Really hard week (week 30)

We had a bit of a harsh week to be honest. We weren't ale to see very many of our investigators and one of the families we have been teaching for quite a long time has decided to stop receiving the discussions. We had been trying to get in contact with the family and we just weren't getting any response. So we decided to stop by their house and see what was up and maybe find out why there was a loss of contact. We stopped by and sat down talking with the father for a while. He explained that the last time we stopped by to teach they thought that we had record the discussion. We explained that we hadn't and expressed our apologies for the appearance. They had still deiced that they did not wish to continue in their investigation of the church. We invited them to continue looking for an answer and keep reading their scriptures to know if it is true. It was a hard night having been told that. As I really thought about it I understand now that it easily could be all in the lords timing. Maybe they need some time to really think of the things we have shared with them. As time passes they will be able to better distinguish the spirit that they felt when they were reading in the Book of Mormon and hearing of the gospel. We aren't perfect teachers and we make mistakes. Sometimes we offend others. But the Heavenly Father loves all his children so much and will continue to work with them. I know that it is so important to trust in the timing of the lord and the plans he has for each one of us.

We have been really working to find some more Spanish speakers to teach. It's a little hard to do in the winter since a lot of them move away during the off-season. We have found a few new places to meet people and it has been great. We are slowly getting people to teach. The only problem is them allowing us to come back or even finding them at home again. It's hard but that's the point. None of this was really made to be easy. I was again able to read through "The Atonement and Missionary Work" by Elder Holland. I love how he explains why life and missionary work isn't easy. Christ didn't have it easy. He had to overcome huge obstacles and suffer great pains. Sometimes I find myself wondering why it isn't easy and why people don't just flock to the church and the truth. And just as Elder Holland says "Salvation isn't a cheap experience". I think it can be a hard concept to grasp. The concept however is so very important. As I have really thought about it and what it means it helps me when times get rough. I know that if I put my trust in the lord and just keep at it things will get better. It may not seem so at first but it will. We were given this earthly life to learn and progress. We can't do those things if we don't get stretched and tested. Us not being able to teach very many people and having a hard time finding others is just one of those many tests. I'm not sure what exactly I'm getting tested on right now but, I do know that it is to help me become better. I know that if I keep doing my best Heavenly Father will bless me and help me in his work. 

We had an awesome Zone conference this past Saturday. We went over goal setting and how important it is to the work. We need to make sure we set goal and involve our Heavenly Father in that process. If our goals are coming from him we will be able to better follow his will. We also need to make goals that are achievable and also make more goals to helps us achieve what we have set. I still haven't gotten completely used to setting goals for myself. Now I realize the importance of goals and giving your self a road map so you can get to the destination. Without goals we are just wandering on a path with no where to go. Even if we happen to have a big goal; If we don't set little goals and make plans to reach it we won't know how to actually get there. Setting goals is an act of faith. It is the spiritual creation of what we want to happen. Actions and plans of action are how we actually set the ball rolling. It's how we make dreams reality. 

Elder Sanchez and I are looking forward to another great week here in Omak. I hope all is still fine and dandy where you are. Keep being awesome!

With Love,
Elder Boren
                                                      Dylan's Zone
                                   ​Found a place that said Grange so I had to take a picture for Elder Grange
Elder Sanchez eating a sandwich??

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