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Monday, February 29, 2016

Back in the Othello Stake week 33

Back in the Othello Stake. It is crazy to back in this area again. I know where most this are and I've actually been up in the Royal city area for a few things when I was still in Othello. What is even better is that I got to go to the Othello Stake conference again. It was great being able to see members I met and get to talk to them again. We were a little surprised when we got to the stake center and one of the members from 3rd ward told us that our zone was singing for a number in the program of the adult session. We got to practice some before conference started but I was not expecting it. It was a really enjoyable conference. The adult session was focused on the theme of Why Do I Believe? They had a bunch of people bear their testimonies on why the believe. They then had the Zone leaders share their reason why right before the stake president spoke. They helped us focus on the fact that we believe because of Joseph Smith and the Restoration. The stake president then elaborated on it's importance and how without the restoration we wouldn't have all the things that we now have in the church. 

We had a pretty good last few days in Omak as well. P-day was rather normal other than the ton of soda we tried out. There were some pretty wacky flavors in there. I would't suggest swamp pop cream soda. That night when we got back to the apartment the other elders got a call telling Elder Flamm that he needed to be ready to leave the next morning. It was a little crazy for him. He had to leave early because he was going from the northern most part of the mission to the southern most part. So they had him leave a day early and stay in Yakima for the night and head to the dalles the next day. So Tuesday we were a tri-pan with Elder Jeffs. We had a really great day on Tuesday. We taught the Hernandez family and also got to put them on date for the end of March. It was a little hard having to leave Omak after that ,but I trust the zone leaders that just got put into that area. Especially Elder Turley. Then on Wednesday we got to drive from Omak to Wenachee which is always a fun drive. This time with the car filled with luggage. 

We got into Royal City and hit the ground running. The sisters that were in the area before us left us a bunch of note and even left us a schedule of things to do up to Sunday. So we got in and started the work. It's a little hard since no one really uses addresses and all the directions are a bit confusing. I think we are finally getting down where everything is. Cool thing is that we live with a member and his house is right in front of the church. So we can never get lost on our way to the church. The members here are already a great help. The ward mission leader has helped us find a few places and meet a few of the members. Both of the wards here are looking for us to be finding some new investigators and really focusing on teaching non-members. This is going to be a great transfer working here in Royal and being able to work with such great members. Also really exciting to have a Spanish branch and Spanish speaking members who can help us out for member present lessons. 

Gonna answer a few questions here. The move to Royal was great and everything is all in order now. Royal City is a lot smaller the Melissa. This past Sunday was great. Looking forward to next Sunday and having all the regular meetings. And yes it is a bit warmer down here than in Omak. Although we get a lot more wind here.

I hope all is going well back home!

With love,
Elder Boren
                                 For our last p-day we went to a local soda pop store to try new flavors
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