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Monday, February 15, 2016

making some head way in Omak (week 31)

This past week has been great! We have decided that we are just going to start tracting out our whole area without worrying whether the people we meet speak English or Spanish. They blessings that have come from it have just been amazing. 

To start off this week I guess it would be somewhat important to point out that Tuesday night I got a little sick. It wasn't too much but enough that we came in for the rest of the night because I wasn't sure of myself. I then spent the rest of the night resting due to Elder Sanchez and just about everyone else telling me I needed to get to bed. I felt a lot better in the morning and got over it really quickly. Thankfully so because being inside due to sickness is super boring. I'd so much rather be out doing missionary work. 

This week we have also been able to work a lot more with one of the families we have been teaching. On Monday we were able to have one of the members out with us to the lesson. The lesson went really well and we found out that they know that the church is true and they don't have to look anymore. They just feel uncomfortable with there not really being anyone else that speaks Spanish. We are working on getting English classes here so they and many other people have an opportunity to learn the basics. Having the member out was great also because he was easily able to befriend them and he even invited them over for family home evening later in the week. We were also able to go to the FHE with them. It was a great way for the family to get to know some more members and also learn about family home evening. Even with their being a language barrier they were able to relate and share the things that mattered most to them. They are again going to get together as families this Saturday so they can teach each other some recipes. It is awesome when we are able to work with the members because it allows the investigators to get more comfortable around the members. It also allows them to see the blessing that come from the gospel. 

Wednesday we went out and started doing some tracting in Okanogon. We found a trailer park and decided to knock around in there. Most of the people were not interested ,but the last person we talked to turned out to be a former investigator. He invited us in and we were able to share a small lesson with him. He spoke English and we had to hand him to the English elders. Even though we aren't able to continue teaching him it was a blessing to see that our efforts are yielding and that we are helping progress the lords work.  And later that night we were able to finally find one of the former investigators that we had been trying to find. We sat down and talked to her about the power of prayer and how it will really help her in time of need. She works every Sunday so she isn't able to come on Sunday but her son is interested in coming with us. 

Thursday we had our district council and talked about how we can help our investigators come to church and feel comfortable there. We discussed the importance of having the members invite so that they have a familiar face when they go to church. It also helps having the members invite because the investigators can have someone that isn't going to be changing out every few months and can become a great friend to them. Most of the rest of our day was then spent studying and preparing for lessons. Then in the evening we went over to Lyles' house to have family home evening with the Lopez family. It was a great time and I think they really enjoyed it. They were able to share some fun experiences with one another and Brother Lyles shares a thought on how our actions affect others. We also had a really awesome Mexican soup made by sister Lyles. Elder Sanchez said it was the most authentic Mexican food he has had here in the States. 

Friday we had our weekly planning as normal. This time however we tried our best to stick really close to preach my gospel and how it suggests we should go about it. We were able to do it all within three hours and I felt that it was a whole lot better and our plans really mean a lot more. When we stick to the guidelines and do things the way the Lord has asked us we can see a lot more success. And even better is that when we went out afterwords to tract the first people we talked to let us in and have become a solid referral for the English elders. The blessings from being diligent are awesome and this work is the best. 

On Saturday we went up to concunully with the English elders. We spent the time knocking doors while they went and tried by some less active members. It is super beautiful up there. I can't imagine what it looks like during the summer when the lakes are all thawed out. Not too many people interested but it was a fun time. We are looking forward to another amazing week here in Omak.

I hope all is well back home.

With love,
Elder Boren
Dylan was sick this last week

Elder Sanchez learning English

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