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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas (week 24)

                                               A picture my son Blaze drew for his brother
                                                              Santa found him
                                                 Trying out a women's scarf
                                             Got matching tie and scripture covers for Christmas
This has been such a great Christmas week. We had a great week even though the snow just doesn't seem to want to stop for us. It just keeps coming and keeps pilling up. I think I'm finally getting down how to drive around in it with out sliding around too much. I haven't had any crazy scary slides this week so that must mean I'm doing a lot better now. Good thing the roads get cleared and sanded here. It would be a nightmare if they lacked the tools like Texas does. 

On Tuesday I got to go on exchanges with elder Moser here in Omak. It was a great time. We got to go out for a bit and do some tracting. We got to talk to a lot of different people and I got to see how awesome of a missionary elder Moser is. He isn't afraid to open his mouth and talk to people. We got to have dinner at a pizza place here in Omak We got they garden pizza which had olives, slices of tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and chicken. It doesn't sound like something I'd normally have but it was good. It's cool what food you can discover you like when you just try things. We then were able to visit a couple of our investigators. We visited a family that speaks mainly Spanish so it was a little hard for Elder Moser to follow since he is an English missionary and doesn't speak Spanish.  But it was a good lesson and we think that they are going to be ready for baptism some time in January. The Father loves reading in the scriptures and is getting pretty far into the Book of Mormon. I know that he is going to find the answers he is looking for as he continues to read and search for that knowledge. 

 We also had a great district council this past Wednesday. We talked about sacrifice and how we can apply it as missionaries. We related it to the pioneers and the sacrifice that they had to give. We may not be asked to up and leave everything behind and trek across the plains but the lord asks so much easier of us. He asks to share the gospel and help others make use of the atonement. One of the bigger sacrifices that we have to give is our comfort. It may not be fun to step outside our comfort zones and do things we aren't used to but the Lord will bless us if we do what he asks and follow the promptings of the spirit. 

Christmas Eve and Christmas day were really enjoyable. We weren't able to go out and tract either of those days but we made the most of the time we had to go and visit families and share this wonderful time with some of the members. We had an awesome Christmas eve dinner with the Chandlers, the senior couple here in Omak with us. Then on Christmas day we got to go to Grand Coulee Dam to have a Zone Christmas breakfast and watch the best two years. It was a lot of fun and the food was great. Not too often that we are able to have pancakes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast. Then once we got back to Omak we were able face-time home which was awesome. It was great being able to see all the family and see how everyone is doing. Then we spent the rest of Christmas day visiting some of the families in the ward. Elder Colunga had me sing for two of the families we visited. I wasn't expecting to be singing for any of the families but it was nice being able to do it. I sang two songs in Spanish for the Bauers and then sang a Christmas song for the Mills. Good thing there was someone in both families that could give me some piano accompaniment. The gifts I got for Christmas were great. Thank you for sending them. I love the tartan scripture case and the family tartan tie. And the scarf and sweaters are great. Now I have more stuff to keep me warm. 

Saturday and Sunday were pretty good days as well. we didn't get to see all of our investigators because some of them are still out of town be we did get to see a few. One of the families we have been teaching came to church again this past Sunday which is awesome. They are really progressing and them coming to church is going help them receive the answers they are looking for. They told us that they think they will be ready for baptism in January which would be a great way to start the new year. I hope they will be able to take that step and find more happiness in their life. 

I hope all is well back home. 

Elder Boren

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