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Monday, December 7, 2015

New area and snow, week 21

This has been a really good week. Transfers, lots of snow, and an awesome Christmas Devotional. 

So as you know I have now been transferred to Omak and had to leave Othello. It's not fun having to leave all the people you get to know and love. But the Lord needs me here and I've got work to do. Sadly I never got a chance to say good bye to either of the bishops there in Othello. They were both out for Thanksgiving weekend. Hopefully I get transferred back to that area before I finish my mission. If not I can always go back and visit the people that area there. 

Elder Colunga Flores is from Laredo Texas. Which is on the boarder of Mexico. He was born in Cancun Mexico and moved to Texas when he was 5. So he is fluent in Spanish and fluent in English. Means I get to improve my Spanish as his companion. He has actually been out as long as I have. We got to as we say greenie bust each other. 

It snowed again and in Othello we got about 2 inches which is pretty awesome other than the fact that Elder Mercado is going to be walking in it. I hope he got a car with this transfer though. Up here in Omak we probably got like 5 or more inches of snow. It is crazy and there was so much falling. Defiantly something I am not used to. Here in Omak is beautiful. We are really close to the Cascade Mountains. They are right in our back yard. And we also have lots of snow on the ground here. One thing I found out at the transfer site is that I'm the driver since Elder Colunga doesn't have a drivers licence. Means I get to learn how to drive in the snow and ice. It hasn't been that bad so far since its mainly just been the snow and none of it has frozen over yet. And they have plenty of snow plows to get it all off the roads. The only time I have to really drive on it is when we go a bit out of the city or its snowing and they haven't started plowing. It's a fun experience though.

We had the Christmas part here in Omak on Friday and it was pretty good. We had three different investigator families there which was great. They all spoke Spanish but they said they really enjoyed it. They had some good musical numbers on Christ and Christmas. There was plenty of food there and they had us take home tons of left overs. I think they ended up giving us all of the left overs. 

The Christmas devotional was great. I really liked the talk the David A. Bednar gave on Christ and how he expels all fear and darkness. I enjoyed the insight that he shared on the Saviors birth and his death and resurrection. Christ is the one that dispels all darkness and our faith in him can help us overcome any problem or challenge in this life. The Nephites were in fear because of the "deadline" that the unbelievers had set for the birth of Christ. They feared for their lives and Christ was able to expel that fear with his coming and the beginning of his earthly mission. This time of the year is great because we are able to see that light bringing joy to the lives of others. A great way to share that joy and light with others is the new website that the church has set up for Christmas. The two videos on there are a great way to help others remember the true reason for the season.  

Hope all is well back home and you are enjoying the Christmas season. 

Con Amor,
Elder Boren

P.s. Some snow boots would be nice. I don't know how much snow we will get so I guess it would be better to be safe than sorry. 
 Went to the Taquerria and had burritos campechanos. They were huge!

                                              ​One last picture as a group of elders in Othello.

A picture with Elder Mercado before I got transferred.

​Elder Colunga Cleaning the snow of our car. I got to drive in that mess.

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