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Monday, January 4, 2016

So much snow, week 25

Lots and lots of snow. It just never seems to stop for us. Elder Colunga says it is because he is here. He told me how when he was back home and getting ready for his mission two church leaders both told him that he was going to serve in the north and that his first winter would have a lot of snow. Seems like those leaders were right because the snow just doesn't seem to stop. I think we got about 6 inches this past night. Oddly too is it seems to mainly come Sundays and Mondays. It's weird. 

                                                 Had to shovel snow out to go anywhere
                                                   My favorite view

We had a pretty good week. We had our district council on Wednesday and were able to be joined by the zone leaders as well. We had a little discussion on faith and what we need to do to develop it and strengthen it. We then talked about how we can develop the missionary culture in each of our areas. It is so important to build up the confidence and trust of the members and just as important to get the trust of the non-members. When we are able to get their trust we can see more progress and people will be more willing to listen and help us in this work. It's not fun to hear that members have lost trust in the missionaries because some in the past were not as obedient. We made it a goal to build up this culture and help others see our true purpose as missionaries and the lord's servants. After district council we went and did some tracting and then were able to have a quick two hour exchange with the zone leaders. I went out with Elder Woodward and we did a bit of tracting around the apartment. He is an awesome Elder and a great example. we talked a bit about consecration and how we can become better missionaries. I always loved the idea of how if we are able to consecrate ourselves to the lords service we will improve ourselves as well as the lives of others. Then we talked a bit about showing love and charity. Those two are so important and are some the the most important characteristics to have. Most of the other ones are based of those and when we have true charity we are able to do so much more and are easily lead by the spirit. 

We had a good New Years Eve and New Years Day. we were in most of the two days due to the restrictions on what we could and couldn't do. We weren't able to tract so we were only able to visit members and investigators. We didn't really have anyone that was able to have us over so most of the day was more studying and then relaxing as we had to be in by 6 because of the holiday. Then on Friday (New Years Day) we had weekly planning so we were in all day again. But we were able to go to a wedding which was cool. We were walking out to go pick up dinner and we heard someone call down to us from the balcony above our apartment. It was Garret who is a less active recent convert. We asked how he was doing and he told us he was getting married that day. He then invited us to the wedding and we went. The Chandlers were there as well since they go and visit with him. Hopefully he will become more active and his wife can be baptized and then they can work towards an eternal marriage.
Saturday and Sunday were pretty enjoyable as well. We had a great fast and testimony meeting. We didn't have any investigators there because it was so cold and they couldn't start their cars. Brother Hassing of the bishopric shared his testimony and related life to being a boat with sails. For a boat with sails to progress it needs wind, but with wind comes waves and other problems. He told us that to progress we need to have that wind and with it comes experiences we may not want but they will help us grow. I also like the two talks in this recent General conference covering a similar topic. 

I hope all is well back home. Looking forward to a great week. 

With love,
Elder Boren

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