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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas ( Week 23)

We almost died this week. I mean not really but it felt like it. Because there is so much snow the roads are really getting slick and it's even worse when they haven't sanded it all yet. So we were driving down the main road when all of the sudden when I start driving into the curve the car keeps its momentum and slides into the opposite lane. Freaky huh? Good thing the car in the other lane saw and stopped in plenty of time. Then is morning we were driving to some stores and I took a turn and the car didn't want to so we slid into a big pile of snow where the plows had pushed it. We haven't gotten hurt so all is good. Nothing to be worried about. I think I'm figuring out how to drive in this dang stuff. Hopefully it will stop snowing sometime soon and they will be able to clear the roads better. 

This has been a great week though. We had an amazing Christmas gathering this week and we all met in Quincy. It was a day full of driving. I think we drove like 6 hours that day. We had about 3 hours to drive there and another 3 to get back. And Quincy is in our zone! But I got to see all the elders and sisters that were in Othello with me. I got to see both elder Turley and Elder Mercado. It was awesome to be able to see them again. Don't know when the next time will be though. We had an awesome lunch provided by the Gates family then we had a little Christmas program. Each zone had a musical number and then shared a spiritual thought. In our zone we sang silent night and joy to the world. All the zone had Elder Moser and I stand next to each other in the front because we are the best singers. It was really fun. A lot of the spiritual thoughts that were shared were focused on having gratitude during this Christmas season and being thankful for all the gifts that we have been given. As well as being grateful for the greatest gift of all. The birth of a savior. We then got to watch Meet the Mormons. I know I've seen it before but it's a great movie and better the second time around. Then after the movie we took a big group picture and then went and got gifts that they arranged for us. We all got a mission shirt and a goody bag. Then we got the packages that had been sent to the mission home. It was a little surprising to get 6 different packages but I am thankful to have gotten them. Now I have stuff to open on Christmas. 

We haven't been able to see as many people as we want to but we have been trying to go out and talk to more people. You'd think more people would be open to hearing a message of Christ at this time of the year but most people seem to be distracted by the gifts and what the world has to offer at this time of the year. We are still trying to share the "A Savior is Born" video and we hope that people are able to feel of the spirit that it brings. The spirit that this season brings is so strong and something we should strive to keep though out the year as we remember Christ and his birth and sacrifice for each of us. We had one of our families of investigators at church this past Sunday and they really enjoyed it. We had a great Christmas program with lots of the members sharing their wonderful talents. I love the spirit that comes with the music and scriptures that are shared.

I don't have too much to write about this week but that's a pretty good synopsis of whats been going on. We should be having a pretty full week upcoming as we have Christmas and a few meetings. I'm looking forward to being able to skype this Friday.

Con Amor,
Elder Boren
                                                          Snow, snow, snow
                                             Just an hour of being parked here
                                                           Shoveling snow for church

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