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Monday, September 29, 2014

Divisions week 8


This past week I went on my first divisions. I was with Elder Seville in Cienaga de Flores. The area is shared with the zone leaders so we had lunch with them. The food here is great. I still haven't really gotten much of a taste of the spice Mexican food is known for. During divisions we had an appointment that was on the far side of the area so we had to walk for an hour to get there. When we got to the house of the investagator no one was there. So we turned around and walked another hour to get to the main part of the area. Cienaga is suppoed to have bikes because of how big the area is but the are broken which means more walking. The people here are just amazing. It's interesting listening to the convestations my companion has with the members and our investgators. I'm trying to get more confident with my spanish but I'm not talking quite as much as Elder Torales. Lots of the people here are really firm in their faith. Most of the time for contacts we offer to help strengthen their faith and not change it.

Elder Torales and I had a good lesson with an investagator couple on the restoration. They are both jehovahs witness and are interested in learing more about our church since the don't really understand most of the doctrine taught in their church. They had losts of questions for us as we discussed prophets and about christ with them. It was good to know that we could clarify the teachings of the bible for them and also introduce the Book of Mormon. We have alos recently been looking at the list of members in the area and finsing the ones that are less active. By doing this we are opening up lots of opportunities to teach since most of the less active families we run into are only part member families. That means we can set up opportunities to teach and try and prepare the families for the temple. 

-Elder Boren

This will be the last mission blog entry for awhile as Dylan will be coming home tomorrow. With faith and love he will be able to return to the field in July. We ask at this time for your love and support. - Sherrie

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