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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

week 5, Travel plans are set

He got his flight to travel to Monterrey Mexico on September 15. He does have a layover in Dallas. Wish I could go see him. He seems to be doing well.


                                                    Pinata Time 

It has been another good week here at the MTC. As you may be able to tell from the subject line, I got my flight plans Friday. My lay over is in DFW airport. I have a two hour lay over then I fly into the Monterrey airport. should be in Monterrey by 4:00 on the 15th. Its exciting to find out what the flight plans are. 

On Thursday we had skype TRC which is where we skype with another member who speaks spanish. It was interesting. I wouldn´t consider it as nice as the usual member TRC. It was still a good experience and we got to teach another practice lesson. We ended up teaching about the importance of the book of mormon and how we can use it in our lives. The person we were talking to lives in Orem but is from Chile. Luckily she didn´t speak chileno. On Thursday we also had out last lesson with Cristofer. It was an nice lesson that was mainly focused on answering any questions that he had about baptism and any of the worries that he had with being baptized. Then on Friday we had our last lessons with Ester and Emilce. Our lesson with Ester was about commandments and the blessings that come from following them. Also on Friday we got a list of who we are teaching for this last week. This last week is different because each member of the district is playing the role of an investigator for two companionships. I am the investigator for Elder Voss & Weenig and Elder Bradshaw & Ruddy. Elder Grange and I get to teach Elder Bradshaw, Elder Weenig, Elder Stirling and Hermana Leonard. The lessons I have been teaching and been getting taught have been going well. This way of teaching allows me to see what I can do better as a teacher.Friday night we had a zone wide race before quiet time. It was for all those who wanted to have a nice sprint race. I ran and got fourth among our district. It was fun and a good way to stretch out my legs. Hermana Toone from our district got some string and cups in the mail so she could make home made phones. They seemed to work well and it was amusing to our teacher. 

Fast Sunday was nice this past week. We had lots of time to read and study while we were out of meetings. We also had our mission conference on Sunday where we got to hear all of the MTC presidency speak. They all gave good talks based around missionary work. OurSunday night devotional speaker was Richard I. Heaton. He gave a very similar talk to the one he gave last time. He had some more recent converts come up and talk about their conversion stories and how they found god. It helps you realize that god helps prepare people before your even go to teach them. Our Tuesday night devotional was from Brother Sitati from the Seventy. His talk was based on the things we should try to remember. He said that we need to make sure when we begin that we have some sort f ending in mind so that we can plan and aim for that ending. It helps you figure out where you are going and what choices you need to make to get there. 

Thank you for the picture book. Nice to have pictures from home. 

I hope that the package gets here at least by Saturday. If it doesn´t they are just going to send it back to you. Good luck to Riley with his game tomorrow. Hope he does well. ¿Jakob knows Spanish? I wouldn´t expect him to know Spanish as well as English. Is the football team not playing who they usually play for pre-season?
Thank you for all the Frozen lyrics. I have two more songs that I would like to get lyrics to is you wouldn´t mind. The first is "I can go the distance" from Hercules. The second is "Strangers like me" from Tarzan. 

Siempre y para siempre,
Elder Boren 

                                             Elder Berryhill in his fort

I don't correct his spelling, this will be kind of like a diary for him to back on when he gets home. -sherrie

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