Mission Address

Washington Yakima Mission
1006 S 16th Ave
Yakima, WA 98902

Friday, September 11, 2015

Today was the day that Dylan Boren flew out of Dallas and into Yakima, Washington. We are super excited for him. It has almost been a year since he came home from Monterrey Mexico. During that time he had 4 different job which included: Target, Rainy Day, Mimi's Cafe and Brookshires. He also attended Collin college in the spring. He kept himself busy. I enjoyed having him around and helping me out with my daycare. I look forward to the weekly emails that we will receive. I hope he remembers all the spanish he learned at the MTC and high school.
                                          Cody and Jacob saying goodbye at the airport.
                                            We took Dylan out to dinner one last time.
Brotherly love. Just missing Riley who was at seminary
His friends wishing him good luck. The one in the blue is Matt Smith, he leaves for Colorado in October for his mission. The other one is Galen Drake. He just got back from his mission to Brasil.

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