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Friday, September 5, 2014

4th week at the MTC....chugging along

Dylan is getting closer to when he will be out in the field. -MOM aka Sherrie

We decided to block in one of the other elders while he was in the shower. He was able to crawl out the side once he was finished. (Just like his Dad)


It's been getting a bit busier with the lessons this past week. We have Cristofer, Ester, Emilce and two member lessons ( Thursday only ). The lessons with our investigators are going well. We have been teaching them all sorts of things and learning how to teach better and help them understand the lessons. This last Thursday we had an amazing gentleman for our Member TRC. He had served in Guatemala when the MTC was a six month period in Salt Lake. He was such a great man to teach. Our lesson for the members was on humility and its importance in our lives. Brother Chamberlin loved our lesson and at the end gave us an Articles of Faith card that was in spanish. He told us it was to help us understand the language and we could use it to memorize the Articles of Faith wherever we are. While talking with him I found out that he had served a couple mission in the DTM ( Dallas Texas Mission ). I was able to say where I was from and he could actually understand where little Melissa Texas is. Teaching the TRC lessons on Thursday is just so much fun and I wish I could teach more member lessons while I am here. 

One of the Elders in our zone had started using his clip tag as a phone to trick other missionaries into thinking that he had a phone. He tried the trick on our branch president and the president got confued and asked who he was talking to on the phone. He then stepped up his game and make a cardboard cutout of an Iphone so that it would look a lot more realistic. He is a great Elder. We have started doing more practice and trying out different ways to learn things. We have done practice door approaches which allows us to practice talking in Spanish. We are going to be doing a lot more practice like that in the upcoming week. 

We had our fourth sunday here at the MTC. It was a nice enjoyable day that we were able to take and relax for most of the time. Elder Grange and I had to get up a little earlier for the zone leader meeting though. Which wasn't too bad. Just meant we had to rush ourselves at breakfast and hurry up to the meeting. During our meetings our actual branch presidency members were there so we had some other presidency members fill in the spots. One of them was brother Monson who is President Monsons nephew. It was nice to meet him. We also got to eat lunch with him and talk for a while. Since I'm on the topic of nephews one of the other zone leaders here on west campus is Orson Scott Cards nephew. Elder Grange and I talk to him quite a bit when we have a chance since he has been here for the same amount of time as us. 

Its so surprising to realize that we only have a week and a half left t the MTC and then we are off to the mission field. I can't wait to meet my mission president and the people of Monterrey. 

Blaze seems to have some good luck getting on the cardinal couch on the first football game. I hope he enjoyed the game. How is Jacob liking band this year? Did Riley enjoy going to the temple and doing baptisms? I know that I enjoy being able to go to the Provo temple every week and enjoy my time there. Did Jakob spend time with friends at the football game or at someones house? Seems like he is enjoying his time as an exchange student. Where is Sanger? I have never hear of the team before. 

I did enjoy Blaze's picture. Tell him thank you. The seminary classes have zone leaders? Sounds a bit weird to me but might be different than the zone leaders I'm thinking of. Have Jacob and Riley gotten the letter I wrote them? And thank you for getting me the pictures. Its nice to have something from home.

I went to the consulate about two weeks ago so by the time I have to leave I should have my visa. So I should be leaving September 15th

Elder Boren
another Jamba Juice run. Some good looking guys!!!
Elder Berryhill got a picture of Dylan. Not sure if he is trying to be mad or just funny.

Side Note-- He asked about where Sanger is. Its a small town by Denton, TX. Our Melissa football team played against them last Friday and we lost. Blaze our youngest son sent Dylan a picture that he had painted of the Melissa cardinal. Jacob our second son is enjoying band, but he is super busy.The other one is Jakob our exchange student who is living with us for the school year. He is from Sweden. He is fitting right in.

 -Sherrie Boren

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