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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Prison Can Change You. Week 3


This last Thursday was a great experience. Elder Berryhill, Elder Bradshaw and I had to take a trip to get some things taken care of for our visas. It was nice being able to get out into Salt Lake and walk outside of the campus for a while. We road the Front-runner to and from Salt Lake, which was a nice ride. The highlight of the trip was Elder Berryhill and my trip back to the MTC on the Front-runner. We walked onto the train and decided to sit on the second level of the train. When we got up there and started walking to a seat that was open near the back of the train this man offered two seats across the table from him. We decided to take him up on the offer and sit with him. Once we got settled down we started talking. He asked us where we were from. Then he told us that he had quit his job working a steal facility. He said he had quit so he could go back to working in dirt work. He then surprised us by telling us that the job at the steal place was just something to get him off his feet from prison. We learned that he just got out of a three year sentence in April. He talked about how in prison most people come closer to Christ but when they leave they just leave behind their new found relationship with him. He told us that this time he would rather keep that relationship and the feeling that comes with it. He talked about the church's twelve step program and how it helps so much since it incorporates gospel principals. He told a story of his brother who a year after being in prison was able to cut all ties with his old friends and be sealed in the temple. This man emphasized how friends can manipulate you and affect how you act even though you think you control your future. We also learned that he has been a member for his life he just made some bad decisions and ended up doing drugs and getting into prison. It was such a great time being able to talk to him even though we never got his name. I just hope he is able to get on his feet and turn his life around like his brother was able to. Elder Grange and I were able to have a TRC meeting with two members where we taught them a gospel principle and got to know them. It was a great experience and really fun.

We have been able to teach cristofer some more and have gotten to know his concerns and other things about him. He is a great kid and considers us his friends. We just have to work on getting him to come closer to Christ and realize that god loves him. Our lessons with ester are also getting better. We recently talked about the godhead and how they are three different people. Another lesson we shared Genesis 1:27 with her because she didn't understand that god had a body of flesh and bone. She understands it now and has accepted a baptism date. On Sunday Elder Grange and I were made zone leaders in addition to Elder Voss since Elder Weening was going to be leaving the following day. But Elder Weening did not end up leaving so we now have the four of us as zone leaders in our branch. Gotta learn more about my role as zone leader and make the most of what I can do. 

This Monday Elder Grange and I started progressing investigator TRC. This is where we teach someone who could actually be an investigator. The lessons have gone well and it helps with our teaching. Yesterday Emilce (our investigator) ended up asking about rules/commandments we have in our church. We focused on that and were not able to get to our planned lesson of the restoration. It was a good experience since in the field we will not be able to teach what we prepare every time. We need to teach people not lessons and make sure they learn what they want to learn. 

Mom - Learning the language is getting easier and easier. I feel like I can understand a lot of the Spanish. When I talk with our investigators there isn't really anything I don't understand. The only problem I have is learning to speak with correct grammar and express myself in the language. Its really surprising to imagine that I have less than three weeks left here at the MTC. It gets closer and closer. So the exchange student is not going to be living with the family he was planned to live with? He is going to be at our house the whole school year? Could you also do me a favor and send me a bunch of different Disney song lyrics? Mainly the ones from frozen, but any would do. And if possible send it through the mail because I am limited on what I can print. And if possible send some sort of picture book from home. A bunch of the other elders here have picture books and I think it would be nice to have one.

Dad - Go ahead and eat it. No real reason to ask me now that I won't be back for a while. The MTC is defiantly different that what it was for you. At least from what I can tell. We teach a whole lot more and are able to immerse ourselves in the language before entering the mission field. We have a great district and I feel like all the missionaries in our district will do great. The weather is nice and it doesn't get too hot here but it is still hot on some days. I've realized that time flies here at the MTC. We look back and can't believe that we have been here for as long as we have. Thank you for the scriptures. And if you could thank great aunt Becky for me. She sent me a package of donuts but did not put a return address on the package. It was a surprise when I got it in the mail since I don't really remember great aunt Becky that much. 

- Elder Boren
Provo Temple

Train ride to Salt Lake City

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