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Thursday, May 11, 2017

(week 93) week into transfers

Another transfer has started and we are almost a week in. It is crazy to see how fast time flies. This past week was great. We have still been doing quite a bit of service and that is always a great time.

So on Tuesday we took some time to go and help a WW2 vet with his yard. He needed some holes dug and we got that taken care of for him. We went back again on Saturday and watered his yard for him. We'll see what other things he'll have for us to do in the next coming weeks. On Thursday we went to the local Habitat for Humanity and had a good time helping moving things around for them. There are some really cool things you can find in a thrift shop and it's never really anything expensive. 

This past week we have been able to have some really great meals with the members here in Quincy. On Saturday one of the members finished building their brick pizza oven and they invited us over of the inaugural pizza. It had to be some of the best pizza I've had. The member cooking them is also a chef so that added to the greatness of the food. We have also been blessed recently with lots of opportunities to have lunch with the members. That always makes it easier for us. 

We have also been working a bit with the members and it has been turning out rather well. We have an investigator that is laurel age and her member friend has been helping out a lot in fellowshiping her. She was able to bring her to the mutual activity this past week and they really enjoyed it. It was glow in the dark volleyball and we were able to be at the activity to support our investigators. Our other investigator came and was able to spend some time with her member friends. We have found that the younger people are very prepared if they are open to listen to us. They ask great questions and have been pretty honest and upfront with us. It makes things a lot better. It also helps when the investigators have a member friend that can reach out to them and invite them to activities. We take a good amount of time trying to find people our investigators know. Lucky for us the members in the area are rather well known. Our bishop has also been pushing for us to get referrals from the members. In this last ward council as we were finishing up with our report the bishop asked everyone to think of people to refer to us and then he gave us the name of a friend of his that we could try by. Missionary work is so much better like this. 

We look forward to another great week and I hope everyone else enjoys their week as well. 

Love y'all,
Elder Boren
This happens to be my only picture for the week. We went to a members house and played basketball for our last p-day. Elder Bown made a shot from where I was standing to take this picture. Dude Perfect. 

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