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Monday, May 1, 2017

week 91

We have had a pretty good week here in Quincy. The weather has been getting a lot warmer and we have been more consistent with having sunny days. The wind is still a bit strong and we have still been having some pretty cloudy days. Thankfully we had a very sunny weekend. I can't wait until it starts really warming up.

We have been keeping pretty busy here in Quincy. We have been working with one of the members here and her friend. It has been a great experience so far as we have been teaching her. The member is also really good at helping with missionary work. We have the lessons at her house and she has been taking time to make sure that there is another man in the house so we can teach. Working with the members is great fun and We are trying to find more ways to get involved with them. Missionary work is just so much more effective when we work with the members and we are able to teach their friends. Most people are willing to talk to the missionaries when introduced by their friends rather than having the missionaries knock on their door. 

We have been able to quite a bit of walking in our area. We have decided to let the other Elders have the car more frequent. It gives us time to talk to some of the people we see as we go places. It also gives us the chance for a few more adventures. One of those being us trying to find a short cut from one neighborhood to a little trailer park on a country road. We crossed a little canal and though that we just needed to walk over a little hill and we'd be there. We were wrong and it turned out that the hill we were climbing was the main canal for the area. So we had to walk down a bit before we got to a bridge we could cross. Thankfully it was still faster than taking the usual way to get there. 

Elder Bown and I had a great exchange this Thursday. We went out to a little town called Sunland that one of the members told us that we should try. It wasn't what we expected and turned out that only a third of the house were owned by regular residents. The other percentage is people who come during the summer for vacation. Later that day we got to visit the Williamsons and talk to them about Easter. We had another member and his son with us to help fellowship the the Williamson boys. 

Today for our p-day we have some great plans. We are going to go golfing close to the river. We had some members that lent us some clubs and Elder Bown was able to buy some lefty clubs at the thrift shop. Then one of the members is going to get us into the Gorge amphitheater for a tour. We also plan on doing some other sightseeing around the area. We have discovered that Quincy is more of a tourist attraction than we though. 

I hope everyone has a great week. I know we are going to.

Con amor,
Elder Boren

                                                        A cool river side tennis court

                                                               Leaving Sunland

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