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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

working with the williams family (week 84)

Our week has gone by really well. Thankfully we haven't gotten any more snow. IT has all been melting and now we have pools of water where a lot of the snow used to be. It makes it fun when I go to park the car. Half the time I end up putting Elder Wright in a puddle. The other half I put his door pretty close to a wall of snow. Any the lucky few times I park in a spot where there are no hazards. The winter weather in not for me. I just looked at the weather for our week here and we have two full days of sunshine! What a blessing.

We have been having a great time here in Quincy. This little town is a bunch of fun and I'm glad I get to serve here. It makes me realize how much I really like living in a small town. It is so much more fun although it does mean having to take a drive to get to the store. I'd tell you a little about Quincy but, I haven't learned all that much about the town. I will however share some random facts that I do know. The city of Quincy is about 70% Hispanic. Thats quite the ratio. It means we have more people to practice our Spanish with. Honestly that is all I can think on terms of facts about this place. 

Something we love to do here is have lunch at Time Out Pizza on Fridays. It is owned by members and we can eat there free once a week. We usually go and get the buffet. All you can eat pizza is always welcomed. It also makes it easier for lunch of Fridays since our lunch time is now 30 minutes instead of an hour. Which brings me to talking about how the new schedule has been going for us. Usually in the morning we get up at 6:30 as usual and then we have breakfast. Then we do our planning for the day at 7 and then go to the church to work out in the gym. There is a bit more room to run around in the gym than there is in our little apartment. Then we come back and I usually get ready for the day and start my personal study around 8:30. Then after I study I make sure everything is ready and take some time to relax. We don't really have a regular time for doing companionship and language studies. Those usually fall into a place where it best fits with what we want to do that day. So far the new schedule has been great and we are really enjoying it.

Elder Wright and I have made some goals to improve the use of our time and how we work with the members and so far it has been great. We wanted to make sure that dinner was more focused and was made so the time after dinner was more effective. Although It can be hard at times when dinner lives way out in the middle of the country. Elder Wright and I want to start working more with the members and help them do missionary work. I had just read through the Susan Fulcher papers again and it sparked a desire in me to do those same things here in Quincy. For those of you that haven't heard of that study it just shows a bunch of things a sister missionary did to work with the members in her area and the results that came of it. The members here are perfect for it and I know that we will be able to find more people to teach through them. I looking forward to implementing it and working with the members.

I hope everyone has a great week. I know we are. We have Zone Conference and it is going to be a blast. 

Love Y'all
-Elder Boren

P.S I think I have a copy of the Susan Fulcher case in my binders I brought home from my mission in Mexico. 
                                A lady we talked to Valentines day gave us boxes of chocolate
We had some killer omelettes for dinner on valentines day

We played some Rumicube while we waited for our laundry.

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