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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Slowly warming up (week 86)

Quincy has been doing great. It is ever so slowly getting warmer. Although every once in a while it gets cold as a good amount of wind blows through. I'm ready for when I'm able to just have a short sleeve shirt on. 

We have been able to find some wonderful people that have great potential and we look forward to being able to help them move towards a lasting conversion. With our recent zone conferences I have been able to see that the mission is being greatly affected by the increased focus on our purpose as missionaries and the importance of teaching repentance and baptizing converts. We have been able to see more people progressing towards conversion and we are doing better at reaching our goals for helping people to enter the waters of baptism. I am looking forward to the many more blessings that are in store for us and we keep that focus through out the mission. I have noticed that I have been able to understand at a greater level the importance of our purpose and how it drives us to do what we do as missionaries. Everything we do as missionaries should and needs to be focused around our purpose to help others. We need to ask our selves what we can do to help those we are teaching to progress. Then that affects our studies and how we prepare to teach. It can also greatly affect how we teach. When we understand our purpose we will better be able to discern the needs of our investigators. We will be able to see what it is that we need to teach so they can feel the spirit and be guided through that repentance process.

This week has been pretty great. Lets see if I can think some of the highlights or at least some of the things I can share with all y'all. 

Tuesday is usually a day with lots of service for us. We go to the food bank for a couple hours and we usually help bag things that they have there. This week was a lot of fun there. We went an hour earlier than the other companionship and we started talking to one of the other volunteers as we worked. He started to show a great interest in knowing more about our church and we were able to share with him the answers to his questions. His wife is also very interested in doing family history so we are going to hook here up with the family history consultant here in Quincy. After we had some lunch and tried by some investigators we went and did some service at an assisted living center. We usually play a board game with them and get to know them. Later that day we got to visit a wonderful member family and talk about missionary work with them. It went really well. Then we went with another member to visit some members that live out a little far. It was a good day. 

Wednesday we had district council which was great as well. Thursday we did service at Habitat 4 Humanity. We many did some cleaning and helped bag some clothing. Later that day we visited the Williamson family and they are doing great. They are all ready for this Saturday and have their interview this Thursday. It is going to be great since he has a lot of family in the area and just about all of them are members. It helps a lot with getting fellowship for them. 

Saturday we had the adult session of Stake conference. We didn't have a dinner set up that night so we decided to go to a burger place in Euphrata before the meeting. 

                                           Doing some service at the local Habitat 4 Humanity
 Sister Williamson is from Indonesia and she gave us some cools shirts from over there
                                   Driving our to George, Washington on a nice sunny day
A beautiful day and a nice field with almost no snow. (From Left to right; Elder Bown, Elder Davis and Elder Wright)

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