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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pretty good week in Sunnyside (week 56)

We had a pretty good week here in Sunnyside. No fire burning down the town this week. However there was some fire somewhere down south. Now all the mountains around us are black. Hopefully there isn't any fire up north. That would be a lot more of a problem in the north because they actually have trees there. And no one got sick so we are doing pretty swell. 

So on to the people that we have been teaching this week. So we have been able to visit with Roberto three times and he came to church again. The first times we saw him in the week we answered some questions he had from the Book of Mormon. He had some pretty good questions and one of them lead to us teaching him the gospel of Jesus Christ that third time we saw him. He understood it all and even realized that we was not baptized the sane way that Christ was, that being he wasn't baptized by immersion. We invited him to baptism and he told us he would like to think about it first. Working with him has been great. He gets a little nervous when we ask him to say the prayer ,but he has become less hesitant as we have pointed out the feelings of the spirit that he feels during and after saying a prayer. He is such a great guy and I look forward to being able to work with him more this upcoming week. 

We had a pretty good Zone training meeting this past Saturday. We talked about working with members some more and then a large part of the meeting was dedicated to having effective planning time. We are working on making the mission into a preach my gospel mission and for the past while we haven't been as good at following the preach my gospel method of weekly and nightly planning. So we have to work on changing the mission culture. This is a super awesome mission and I am so glad we are here. 

This upcoming Sunday we are going to be having a musical fireside. It's going to be our version of music and the spoken word. Elder Steadman and I are doing a musical number with the branch mission leader and his wife. It's going to be great.

Not too much happened this past week but hopefully we have a little more exciting week ahead of us. We also have transfer call this upcoming Saturday. I hope all is well back home.

With love,
Elder Boren
              There was another fire to the south this past week. We don't really know what that one was.
 At the same place we had the super trucker burger I tried the chili burger (Basically a chili dog). The chili they used wasn't that great.
       Elder Dodson (This fellow here) Just got his call to the Orlando Florida Mission. You're got to let uncle Mark know.

a little note to Mom

I feel a lot better now. Hopefully I won't catch anything else this upcoming year (Knock on wood). P-day has gone well so far. How much longer til Jacob gets his licence and can drive himself? 

I think I remember saying something about them making my mouth hurt. I think Jacob might have as well. I do agree that it is worth the end result. Although I don't really remember what my teeth looked like before I had braces. 

Send a picture of her and the family. That sounds like it's going to be a blast. I didn't know you were going to get another exchange student this year. 

Right now there isn't anything I really need still doing well. 

Elder Boren

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