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Monday, July 4, 2016

Staying in Sunnyside (week 51)

Transfer week! Elder Steadman and I are going to be together for another transfer here in Sunnyside. Elder Baker and Elder Buchanan (the elders we share the apartment with) are getting doubled out. They are going to Toppenish and Yakima. They are going to be replaced by sisters and the english elders are going to be moving in with us. Some other news I got from transfer calls is that Elder Sanchez is going to be district leader. Although I don't know what area he is in yet. I hope to find out soon. 

We have had ourselves a pretty good week. We had district council last Tuesday and worked on asking questions and listening. Asking questions is a really big part because if we don't ask questions our lesson turns into a lecture and we leave the investigator confused. When we do ask questions we can see where they stand in their understanding and it makes it more comfortable for them to ask questions as well. Then on Wednesday we had district language study and started wrapping up on the subjunctive verb tense. Doing a weekly study of the verb tense has helped out a bunch and now it's a whole lot more comfortable using it in conversation with people. I still have more Spanish to learn though. 

Biking on Wednesday after Dls was rough. The tempature is getting hotter, or was last week, and has been sitting around 110. It makes it less than enjoyable being out side. Means we have to be in the shade more and try not to get sun burns. It also mean drinking more water during the day. But the bike riding is a good work out even though it leaves me a little worn out the next day. Tomorrow morning we are planning on riding a bike route in town for our morning work out. On Friday morning we had a good 2.5 mile run to Wal-mart and back. Some times we make effort to get up and do a little more for out morning workout. 

Not to much has happened this last week or at least nothing really comes to mind. We are looking forward to a really great week with some small changes coming this way. Hopefully we can make the most out of this week and find those that have been prepared to hear the gospel. 

I hope all is well back home and everyone is having a great week. Happy 4th of July! 

With love,
Elder Boren
                                           Apartment picture before we go our ways for transfers.
 Elder Baker's promo picture for Pepsi.

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