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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Good week in Sunnyside (week 52)

This is the only one I took. It probably isn't super interesting although I thought the car looked a bit amusing. Maybe this can be the car the boys drive to school. 

So we have had a pretty good week here in Sunnyside. Nothing too exciting has happened b,but the missionary work is continuing forward. 

So last Monday was a little different with it being the fourth of July and all. During the three hours of proselyting we had three lessons with less-actives/recent-converts. It was really cool being able to use that time effectively and teach the gospel. We also got to spend some more time getting to know one of the recent convert families in our area. They are such an awesome family. 

Tuesday we had our district language study. It was a little hard for us to stay on topic since we had transfers the next day and a few of the Elders in our district got transferred. We were able to spend some time working on the subjunctive tense. Since we have taken some time to study it I have now been able to notice it more in conversations and now I better understand what people are saying. Hopefully I can keep getting better at this whole Spanish thing. 

Wednesday was transfers and I took some time during lunch to clean up the apartment. It was a bit messy and needed some vacuuming. It still needs some more work but it is getting there. Sometime during the day the English Elders moved in. We were out on bikes all day while they used our car for the transfer. Then we met up with them at the apartment for dinner and ate with some members in the branch. Since there is a set of sisters and elders for both the ward and the branch one week the branch feeds the elders and the other it feeds the sisters, and vice versa with the ward. It's fun taking the English elders to dinner at homes of members in the branch because we get to translate the things they don't understand. It's also fun being able to hold conversations between our companionship and them not understand all of what we are saying. Should be a fun transfer living with these two great missionaries, Elder Dodson and Elder Flamm.  
We have decided to do more tracting even though we would rather do other things. There is a point during our day where knocking doors happens to be the most effective use of time although we would rather not be doing it. Luckily using that time to tract means that we find people who would be willing to have us stop by and teach them at that time. We are also lucky that we aren't in an area as spread out as Royal Slope. Here it's a whole lot easier to go out an tract. We are going to see how tracting this week turns out. 

I hope everyone has a great week. Keep having fun!

With love,
Elder Boren

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