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Monday, June 13, 2016

transferred to Sunnyside (week 46)

Transfers have come and now I am here in Sunnyside. My new companion is Elder Steadman. He is from Orem, Utah. I have been out just a transfer longer than he has. We are also living with Elder Baker and Elder Buchanan. The area is pretty awesome we split Sunnyside with the elders we live with and we just work in Spanish. We have a car in our area and the others elders use it every Wednesday and Saturday. It is going to be an awesome transfer working here in this area. 

So Wednesday night we got here and had dinner with one of the members. Then we got back to the apartment and started looking through the area book so we could figure out our area and decide where to go and who to see. I think we have somewhat of an idea of the investigators in our area. We haven't been able to see very many of them yet ,but we are working on that. Thursday was a bit of driving around the area to figure out where people live and knocking on the doors of their houses. Not very many of them happened to be home yet but we found out from a few of them the better times to stop by. We also got to visit with the Acosta family who just got baptized about three weeks ago. The head of the household isn't a member yet but he has the potential to it soon. 

Saturday morning is when everyone in the house started to feel crummy. The only exceptions being me and Elder Buchanan at the time. So we left our companions at the house and went to the store to get them something before heading out to work our areas. While in the store Elder Buchanan dropped a liter of soda and it exploded and slid across five aisles. That combined with a trash bag ripping on him as he took out the trash started a pretty fun day for him. At about three he started to feel crummy as well so we headed in and spent the night at the apartment. It was a good time to get to know everyone and listen to some good talks. Got to listen to the conversion story of Glenn Beck. 

On Wednesday when we got here I was asked to give a talk in sacrament so thats what I did on Sunday. Luckily everyone was feeling well enough to accompany me to church. I gave my talk on the Sabbath day and then after sacrament meeting Elder Baker and Elder Steadman headed to the apartment because they were once again not feeling well. Then after Elder Buchanan and I finished church we went back and Elder Baker and Elder Buchanan were able to got out while Elder Steadman and I stayed in. We stayed in for the night again which made for a fun weekend of sickness. 

The warm weather is getting here although it's nothing in comparison to Texas heat. Hopefully it doesn't get as hot as Texas. 

We are looking forward to another great week and hopefully no one gets sick. I hope all is well back home and everyone is enjoying the beginning for summer break. 

This is our address here in Sunnyside:
418 S 13th St #9
Sunnyside WA, 98944

Love you,
Elder Boren

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