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Monday, June 13, 2016

week 47

We had ourselves another pretty good week here in Sunnyside. It is pretty sunny and hot here. Just the other day it hit 100 here. It was a pretty tiring day. We were fasting and I happened to be wearing a long sleeve shirt since I wasn't feeling like changing shirts after church. Then the other elders borrowed the car from us and we had a two hour block between three and five where we had to walk. So they dropped us off at one of the trailer parks in our area where we were hoping to contact a pretty golden referral. Sadly he wasn't there when we went to stop by. So we started a thirty minute walk over to  another trailer park which is about a mile and a half away. It was exhausting and we were both pretty thirsty by the end. We didn't get to talk to the person we planned on seeing there in the second trailer park ,but we did find and talk to two people with some really good potential. Another positive is that our exhaustion made dinner all the better. We had homemade tacos with one of the families in the branch here. (Not the "Tacos" they sell at taco bell or that we made at home. These are the real deal.)

Since the branch is so small most of the families will feed us just about twice a week. It's cool because we get to know the families a little more. However it would be nice to get to know more families and not feel like a burden on the families that feed us frequently. 

Elder Steadman and I have been developing a plan to improve our use of the finding tools we have over this transfer. At the beginning of our planners we have a list of activities that we can use to find people. Some examples being; Hold a fireside, Publish an article in the newspaper or organize a bible study class. We are excited to try a bunch of different finding activities and find those that are being prepared. We will see how they go and keep you updated on the outcomes. A lot of them are also in preach my gospel under finding if you want to look through them. 

This week we also had zone training meeting over in Yakima (almost and hour drive from Sunnyside). The training was all centered around becoming a representative of Jesus Christ rather than just a messenger. People are always watching us and we want them to see us as representatives of Christ and not just the messengers of his gospel. 

This upcoming week we have the opportunity to hear from Daniel L. Johnson of the 70. He is going to be speaking to all the Spanish missionaries on Thursday and we will have a normal southern zone conference on Friday. It is going to be a great experience as we learn how we can better work with those in our area. At the Spanish conference he is going to teach us how we can work to overcome the challenges that come with working with the Spanish culture. I'm excited to see what great things we can learn from him. 

I'm not sure what exactly everyone around here does during the summer but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough. Yes it is getting hot. But it's not humid so I think I'll make it through.  I hope it hasn't gotten too hot back home. Enjoy the summer break.

With love,
Elder Boren

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