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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Coming to a close of another great transfer (week 38)

We have had just another great week here in Royal. The general conference was a great way to end our week. We were able to climb to a spiritual mountain top and learn so many things. What Elder Holland said about not wanting to come down from the mountain is true. I wish I could just listen to talks and the leaders of our church speak forever. There is so much knowledge they share with us that we can benefit from. Now we have the opportunity to study those talks and remember that mountain top experience in our day to day lives. 

It is crazy to think that we are once again coming to the close of another transfer. We have another week before transfer calls and transfer. It's a little crazy because this is a seven week transfer so it's longer than all the other normal transfers. We are going to make the most of this week and work hard with the investigators we have so that they are able to progress. We are also going to be having a zone training meeting this Thursday which is something I am looking forward too. I love the many different opportunities we have here on the mission to learn from one another and receive trainings. 

We had an awesome past week. I went on exchanges here in Royal with Elder Walima and we were able to focus on extending better commitments and helping our investigators keep them and understand their importance. That was also the focus of our district council this past Wednesday. Commitments are such an important part. In preach my gospel its pretty straight forward and tells us if we aren't inviting people to keep commitments we aren't inviting them to repent. If we aren't doing that we aren't fulfilling our purpose to invite others to come unto Christ through faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. It's also important that they are committing to themselves and Heavenly Father and not us. We are working on having better commitments so that our investigators develop the desire to change and become better. Doctrine and Covenants 20:37 helps us see how we can help others prepare to be baptized. 

We have been working really close to one of the investigators we have that has been investigating for about 20 years. His son and his family have been baptized and so has his wife. He has really started to see the changes that have occurred in their lives and wants that same joy in his. He has a strong desire to be baptized and has told us that he made that decision and their is no turning back. He has the desire and determination that D&C 20:37 talks about. The one thing that stands in his way is his addiction to smoking. This is the one thing we have been working with him on. He knows that he needs to give it up for his health and to be baptized but struggles with the idea of actually doing it. We met with him and his family yesterday and set up a plan to help him some. His grandson is going to be with him this week for spring break and is going to help keep him from smoking whenever he has that desire. His son is also going to talk to one of his siblings to make sure he doesn't have opportunities to buy more cigarettes. He is on date for April 16 and we know that he can do it. It's a little hard sometimes when people know they need to do things but they are a little too stubborn to do them. The Lord will help him overcome this obstacle in his life.

General conference was great. So many things to learn. I loved the two talks that were given by President Uchtdorf. In the priesthood session I liked how he talk about how sometimes it takes forever but we need to remember that families last forever. I also liked how in theSunday morning session he talked about building lives from the ashes. Christ has paid for our sins and all we need to do is reach out to him and he will build us up to the divinity within. I hope everyone else got some great insights from conference. 

I hope all is well back home and that the new dog hasn't destroyed everything yet. Take time to return to the talks given and you will defiantly catch something that you didn't hear the first time. 

With love,
Elder Boren
                                                The royal ward. They treat us like royalty. 

                   Only time I think I'll every fit a whole weeks planning into the week seven page of my planner. 

All the trees are starting to blossom. Spring is here!

Message to Mom!!

It really was a great conference weekend. Lots of great speakers. Did you get the ice cream Elder Holland was speaking of afterword? I really like the things the prophet said. I'm also really excited to hear that their is going to be a temple in Quito Ecuador. I'm going to have to visit it someday. 

I never would have thought we would have a dog. Now their are lots of animals at the house. It probably won't be as cute and small by the time I get home to meet her. 

Sounds like everyone is having a great time. 

I hope you have another great week.

Love you,
Elder Boren

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