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Monday, April 25, 2016

Exciting how the lord works (week 41)

Tomorrow we get to go to the Temple! Being able to go is always fun. That means that tomorrow is going to be our p-day for the week. Going to kick off a great week for us here in Royal Camp. 

We had a really good week and we were able to see the lords hand a bunch in his work. I could easily see the Lord leading us to those he has prepared to receive the restored gospel. Some of them being him leading us to those people and even some of him leading those people straight to us. This really is his work and he has his ways of bringing it to pass. 

So on the Sunday we had Anastacio's baptism one of the members in the ward brought his non-member son, who just moved back from Mexico. He was also there that Sunday and we have been able to start teaching him. He is really open to learning more and wants to know how he can experience the joy and blessings he has seen in his father's life. He has a great desire to learn and has taken every opportunity to learn we have given him. e have taught him the restoration and the plan of salvation and has been able to understand it all. He accepted a baptismal date for the 14th of May. He is excited for it and so are we. This work is amazing and I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve. 

We meet this guy this week from mexico that is working on a contract for an orchard. We decided to tract in that area and this one guy called to us from a workshop and asked if we were looking for someone. We introduced ourselves and he told us he couldn't talk now because he was working but told us to try at the worker house behind the workshop. We knocked the door and they let us in (which tends to be normal for the worker houses here a large number of people live). We sat down and talked to the group and they slowly disappeared until there was just one greatly prepared person talking to us. As we finished teaching him the restoration he told us of how he has been waiting to have an opportunity to talk to missionaries. He told us that in Mexico he would see missionaries but never talk to them and he had always wanted to learn more. Heavenly Father pointed the way for us to answer his prayers and bring the gospel to one of his many children. This is another of those great experiences where the lord has pointed the way for us to find those that have been prepared. 

One last thing that really stuck out in relation to the lord blessing us with people to teach was at church yesterday. The sisters in Royal City gave us a referral for someone that lives in the area but the directions the got to his house were not very useful and we weren't able to contact them. After sacrament meeting the sisters told us that that referral there and pointed us to them. They had come to church since their sisters are both members and one of them was peaking. They told us they really enjoyed church and are planning on continuing to come. Heavenly Father makes it possible for each of his children to receive the gospel and it is humbling to see the many ways that he is able to accomplish that. 

A day in the life of a missionary - Well we get up at 6:30 and then have time to work out. We then great ready for the day and eat some breakfast. Then we have and hour of personal study, an hour of companionship study, and an hour of language study. Afterwords we have lunch. Then we normally take a few hours after lunch to do some finding so we can save the evenings for those we ant to visit. We usually are finding until dinner unless we have someone we are able to meet with before then. Normally we have dinner at 5 with one of the member families. Then after dinner we go and visit our investigators and help them in their eternal progression. Then we come home between 9 and 9:30 and plan. Then we relax and go to bed at 10:30.  

We are looking forward to another great week and many opportunities to work with more of these amazing people. Hope all is well back home and that the floods haven't been too much of a problem. 

Jesus dijo hola!

With love,
Elder Boren 

                                          We went to the highest point in our area for the first time.
                                                     Farms for as far as the eye can see.

I doubted the label on this soup saying it was spicy. Turns out to be really spicy. Elder Sanchez thought it was a bit too spicy.

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