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Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter is a great time of year (week 37)

Easter week is such an amazing time to ponder the atonement and the wonderful blessings that come from it. It also helps that we have a bunch of time to study and learn more about Christ's resurrection and his atonement. I loved being able to read through John this week and ponder the teachings of Christ. The spirit of Easter helps us understand the atonement a lot more. I hope everyone had similar experiences this past Easter week. I also hope we will all be able to continue with that spirit throughout the year and especially take time to think about the atonement before general conference this upcoming weekend. 

We started off the week really well with a great Zone Conference. The whole thing was centered on Easter week and the things Christ did during that time. As Sister Lewis pointed out it is the most important week in history. President Lewis spoke on the amazing gifts that come from Christ's atonement. The three that he emphasized were Resurrection, Redemption, and the Enabling power or strengthening power. I liked looking at the strengthening power that comes from the atonement. President Lewis shared an expert from Elder Holland's talk last April. It is so important that we realize that Christ is always there for us just like the boys brother in the story. We may try to push others away and deny help when it is offered, but Christ is always there. He doesn't leave. We may push him away or say that we may not need him, but he won't abandon us. He is there waiting for us to exercise some faith and allow him to help us. We need his help in every moment in our life. He is waiting for us and ready to help us. He loves us too much to let us fall or fail. I also loved the emphasis on the brotherly love Christ has for each of us. It is important to note that as our older brother he wants the best and will do all he can to help us in our time of need. The talk called "Where Justice, Love, and Mercy Meet" is great and I would highly recommend it. 

This week was a little harder but it was great because of the fact that we were able to focus on the importance of Christ's atonement. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the lord here and for this opportunity to learn so much more.

This past week I was also able to go on exchanges with Elder Call. It was a great time as it reminded us both of a few transfers ago when we were going on exchanges with each other in our previous areas. We taught a couple that is Seventh Day Adventist and we focused on revelation through prophets and the importance of prayer in our lives. They wanted us to prove to them using the bible why the Sabbath day is on Sunday but we let them know we aren't here to convince others of the truth but to invite them to pray and find the answers from our Heavenly Father. It was a great lesson and helped me see the importance of avoiding contention especially when teaching others. It also helped me see the importance of sharing the restoration and how through the Book of Mormon and prayer we can gain a testimony of these things for ourselves. 

Our investigators are doing great although we wish we could have seen them more this past week. We are going to be doing our best to see all of them and help them progress more. We also have a great opportunity to invite them to hear the words of our living prophet this weekend. I am looking forward to another great spirit filled week and lot of opportunities to learn. I hope all continues to be well back home. 

With love,
Elder Boren
Elder Sanchez getting a drink of water.

                                                     Elder Mercado's posterity.
                                          Amazing sunset we caught after leaving an investigator.

                                                Personal study time!

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