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Monday, March 14, 2016

Missionary work is the Best (week 35)

Missionary work is the best and it just keeps getting better. We had another really good week here in Royal Camp. This is an awesome area with amazing people!

A kid we are teaching is really progressing. Both his parents are members. One is less active and the other is a recent convert. He is only eight years old but he really understands a lot of the things we have been teaching him. The only problem is finding ways to teach the doctrines in a way that a kid is going to understand. (Especially the commandments) When we first got here he didn't want to pray and didn't really feel comfortable doing it. With help from his dad he loves saying prayers and will say them every time we have opening and closing prayer. Working with little kids is the best! They are so cool and always surprise us with the things they know. He is planning on getting baptized in April which is going to be great. I think his desire to be baptized will help his parents and also his grandparents become more involved in the church. It's a blessing being able to work with such great people. 

We had a really good district council on Wednesday. We discussed how we can better work with our members. An idea I really liked was working on turning referrals straight into member present lessons. All the members here have an excitement about missionary work and want us to talk to their friends. One way we can be more effective is by inviting them to invite their friends over for a lesson with us. It's so much better if the invitation comes from friends. Then as those investigators go through the lessons they have a friend they can turn to for any needs they have. Another way we are going to start working with the members is through the new Easter initiative. We are starting to challenge all the families we are eating with to share the Easter pass along cards. It's an easy way that the members can do missionary work and feel more comfortable with sharing the gospel. This new initiative is awesome and the videos are a great way to help others come closer to Christ. 

Working with members is really important. We are also trying to work closer with the bishop and branch president. We made cookies on Monday and then brought the two families cookies. It allowed us a chance to get to know the two families and then discuss how we can help in the area.    Working with them has helped us see how we can use our time more effectively and what we can improve on. We are trying to get the members out with us as much as we can. Especially the youth that are preparing for a mission. Having the youth out with us is the best. It helps them prepare for their own missions and know what missionary work is like. 

Yesterday we had a really great day. We had ward conference in 1st ward and there was a lot of cool things to learn. They split the three hour block into tow meetings; an extended sacrament meeting and a hour and a half Q and A panel. The panel consisted of the stake presidency, the bishop, the young women's president, and the relief society president. They had the ward members submit questions the week before and the stake president chose questions to ask the panel. They asked and answers some great questions. A lot of the meeting was geared towards the youth. They talked about the things the youth can do to prepare for a mission. The things they said are; Learn to work, Become less self centered, Gain a testimony and gain the companionship of the holy ghost. It's really important to do those things as they will help a lot in the mission field. Especially gaining a testimony. When we have a testimony we are able to teach stronger and the holy ghost is able to testify of the things we say.

We also got to teach a really awesome guy we have been trying to meet. He was a former investigator and is super prepared to receive the gospel again. He has been going through a really rough part of his life. He told us of how he has turned to the Book of Mormon for help in his trials and he reads it every day to help him. He already has a testimony of it and has felt its power in his life. He also knows lots of the members here and already has fellowship. I look forward to progressing with him. The lord really does bless us with opportunities to serve others and do this work when we really put our shoulder to the wheel. 

I hope all is well back home and everyone is enjoying the changes spring is bringing.

With Love,
Elder Boren 
                                             Received a pkg from the Beehive's from home
                                               A mouse we caught in our apartment
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