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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Lord's hand (week 14)

Things are going well here in Othello. We are seeing the lord's hand in the work and see that he is really blessing us. Just this past week we had 13 member present lessons, which is amazing. Our goal was only 8. When we went to tally up our actually we were surprised to see that we had 13. We are not sure how we got to that many this week as opposed to others, but we know it is a blessing from the lord. Our zone has been improving and this week our zone average for lessons taught was 21. When we are able to really trust in the lord we see success and things start to change. We are going to keep working and continue to work as a zone to reach the goals we have set for ourselves. 

The Goddard family that we thought was going to be golden dropped us because sister Goddard told us she wasn't ready to have more lessons. She told us that we should try back with her at the end of the month and we may be able to continue teaching her. We are going to make sure that the members here continue to reach out to her and make sure the family feels welcomed. We also decided to drop the youth pastor because all he was wanting to do was ask questions and find holes in the gospel. If only he would read and pray with an open heart and not be so stubborn. We are however, teaching his roommate who seems pretty open to the lessons and the gospel. I haven't meet him yet due to exchanges but, Elder Turley tells me he has potential.

One of the investigators we have been teaching in our spanish area is on-date for the 21st of Novemberr. We had a church tour with him last monday and he was hesitant at first but he accepted our invitation to be baptised. We still have to keep working with him and make sure he is progressing but, this is going to be a great step for him. Now we just have to get him to church and make sure he is keeping up with his commitments. 

There is this other awesome lady in our spanish area named Blanca. Elder Turley meet her while on exchanges and we have started teaching her. We have had two lessons with her so far and see is looking like a golden investigator. She has read some in the Book of Mormon and we are inviting her to pray to know that the Book of Mormon is true. Our next lesson with her is next Saturdayeand maybe we can get her to commit to a baptismal date. 

Transfers are this upcoming Wednesday and it is going to be bringing a bit of change. I was thinking that I was going to be with Elder Turley for another transfer and he would finish training me but that is not how the lord will it. I am going to be staying in my area and Elder Turley is going to be moving to the other Spanish Othello area so he can be with Elder Tanner as a zone leader companionship. I am going to have a new companion, Elder Mercado, who is then going to be serving as the district leader for the Othello district. I am going to be moving to the other apartment right around the corner so Elder Tanner and Elder Turley can have the bigger apartment. It works for me because the one I am moving into has the washer and dryer and I won't have to carry my cloths back and forth anymore. This upcoming transfer is going to be a change for me because I will have to take over the area and take the lead since Elder Mercado is not going to know any of the members or investigators at first. 

It is starting to get a little colder and the lows are going to be in the high 30's this week. Shouldn't be too bad. I haven't needed much more than my fleece as it gets closer to 8. As the sun starts get set earlier it also starts to get colder earlier. Luckily I have been in a car for the past transfer. This next transfer is going to be a mix of biking and driving since we will have to share the car.

The thing that really stuck out for me this week was that we need to show gratitude for all the things we have, good or bad. There was a talk given by President Jones just this past weekswhere he said gratitude and depression can not coexist. It may be hard to work on but I think its worth it finding the good in all things. The lord wants us to be thankful in all things and I think it is a great thing to focus on as we get closer to the thanksgiving season. 

Elder Boren

P.S. So is the music going to be on a flash drive or a C.D? It would be a whole lot easier for me if it was on a flash drive so I can hold a lot more and easily put other things on it. My old oil holder broke and it's not able to hold any so a new one would be nice since there isn't really any place to get one here.
He made pumpkin spice cookies

                                                   His version of chili but with pasta in it
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