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Monday, October 12, 2015

Learning what makes a missionary. week 13

Nothing very different has happened this week. Just teaching people and helping to come to a knowledge of their Heavenly Father's love for them.

We had a great Zone Training Meeting this past week and learned from our zone leaders what we need to do to become the 4th missionary. Since you probably are unsure what the 4th missionary is I explain it. The 1st missionary is someone who goes on their mission and ends up going home. He doesn't benefit from it and regrets his decision. The second missionary is similar to the first. He isn't obedient and would be rather be doing his own thing.. The third is obedient and does what he is supposed to but isn't changed by the mission. The fourth missionary is successful and is changed. We listed in our meeting some of the characteristics of the fourth missionary. Obedient & worthy, Sees own weakness, Sees own potential, Fearless, Truly happy, changed, and compelled by desire. That's what we need to be. We need to be willing to lose ourselves in the will of the lord. It is only by losing ourselves in the will of the lord that we are able to find our true potential. I forgot which talk that's from but it is so applicable and is so true. We also did some role plays on how to adjust our teaching to our investigators needs. We shouldn't be teaching lessons, but teaching people instead. When we show people that we care about them they will be more willing to make those changes in their lives.

I went on exchanges again this week. This time it was with Elder Etter. He is from colorado and a bit of a quiet elder. But when it comes down to sharing the gospel and teaching people he is not afraid to talk about the gospel and tell them what he know to be true. We didn't get in to teach anyone but we were able to talk with plenty of people and hopefully they will be able to teach them more as time goes on. I like exchanges but sometimes it becomes too much when I go on exchanges so often. They are a great learning experience and help us notice what we could be doing better. I'm going to have another exchange this week with Elder Call the district leader. For once I am going to be in my own area so it won't be so weird. 

This past Sunday we had a lot of the less actives we have been working with at church. It is great to see them all there. I think we had a total of four less actives come to sacrament. We are just going to have to keep working with them and help the see the blessings that come with weekly church attendance. I hope we will be able to get them all there again this next week and hopefully more of the less actives we have been working with. Even better if we can get some of our investigators to church. It has been such a struggle getting them there with harvest right now. It should be ending in the next week or two so we should start seeing some more success when the people have more time that we can come teach them and that they can attend church meetings.

We meet with the youth pastor on Thursday but he had forgotten that he had set the appointment with us. We still got to sit down and talk with him before he had to jet. We really got to know him and he is a really great guy. He said he isn't trying to convert us and just wants us to feel welcomed in Othello. He served in the Army and he knows what it like to be away from home and family for so long. He also said that if he got a confirmation by the Holy Ghost that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet that he would sign on the dotted line and get baptised in a hurry. He is reading the Book of Mormon so we are going to keep meeting with him every Thursday and help him feel the spirit. I hope we can help him gain that testimony.

The end of the transfer is coming up and it is crazy to think that I've almost been out six weeks. Time seems to fly and it seems like we are having weekly planning every other day even though it is only every Friday.

I was able to get the Halloween package and Thank you. Elder Turley also says thank you. I will probably be best if you send the christmas one to the mission office. Make sure you send it early so they can forward it.

Elder Boren 

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