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Monday, September 21, 2015

The Lords vineyard week 10

Othello is a cool place. The harvest has been in full swing the past week and most people are very busy at work trying to get everything harvested. Watching all the harvesting here is pretty cool. I have seen them harvesting stuff from onions to potatoes to beans. Since it is harvest season right now we have gotten a bunch of fruit. We have a big bag of apples in out apartment and the others elders have more and some Asian pears in their apartment. One of the members Brother Gentry gave us a box full of stuff from his garden for us to share with the sisters. It had a bag of fresh tomatoes, a bag of fresh grapes, the bag of apples, and two cartons of fresh eggs. The gardens people have here are amazing and they are able to grow so much stuff in them. I think dad would be very jealous of the stuff they are able to grow here. 

The members in the wards here are great. We have dinner scheduled for every night which is nice for us. We usually take care of our own lunch during the day. There hasn't been anything weird they have feed us yet. That may have to do with the fact that the English ward feeds us the first half of the month and the Spanish ward feeds us the second half. One of the family's we had dinner with feed us steak. They are an awesome older couple in the ward. They are the Bouck family and they said they have a son that lives in McKinney. They also have other children that Elder Turley knows really well from his ward back home. It has been really easy for us to find members to go out and teach lessons with us. There is one member from the Spanish ward that comes out with us all the time. He is a convert and really likes being able to help us sharing the gospel. 

The apartment set up here in Othello is that Elder Turley and I have our apartment and Elder Baker and Elder Tanner have an apartment around the corner and The sisters have an apartment around the corner from them. Elder Baker and Elder Tanner have the washer and dryer so we go to there apartment to take care of laundry. Elder Baker and Elder Tanner will usually come to our apartment if Elder Turley and Elder Tanner have zone leader business to take care of. Since Elder Turley is one of the zone leaders we had to go to the other districts district counsel as well as ours. We have had lots of meeting this week that have taken up most of our mornings after our studies. We also had some service time at the county fair here so that also took up some of our usual proselyting time. Service at the fair was fun though. I helped make elephant ears which are these giant pieces of fried dough. We didn't really get to spend much time other than serving. 

We are getting an investigator ready for baptism this Saturday. Her name is Elaine and she have lots of faith in the lords plan for her. She has been going through a tough time in her life but she knows how important it is for her to get baptized. She has member friends that live next to her and they have been a large part of her involvement in the church. I am so excited for her growth in the church and to see her take these steps. The family that has been her fellowship have offered to take her to Salt Lake with them to go see General Conference. It would be a great experience for her and she would get to see the prophets and apostles in person.

There doesn't seem to be much I need right now. It turns out most of the elders here use flash drives with church music to listen to and they trade their music around. It would be nice if you could send a flash drive with a bunch of church music and mission appropriate songs. If I find anything else I need I can send an email. It hasn't gotten too cold here yet. I'm only able to email on p-days and we usually do it in the mornings at the stake family history center. 

Hope the week goes well for everyone back home. 

Elder Boren

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