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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Week 2

Week 2 at the MTC in the Provo west building. Seems to be adjusting really well. We sent him a few packages with sweet treats and a new tie. The Randell's who were in our ward a few years ago bumped into Dylan at thr Provo Temple. Small world. --Sherrie


Its been another good week here on the west side of the MTC (CCM). Last Thursday we taught our last lesson with Fatima. We set up a baptism date with her and talked a lot about the purpose of baptism and the example that Christ made for us when he was baptized. Elder grange and I also we able to get a mini lesson on planning for teaching better. The little lesson really helped us and I think it will help us teach with more power and we will be able to help the investigators more. Later in the day when we were having study cycle I was studying in Jesus the Christ and afterwords some of us elders had a discussion and testimony meeting. It was me, Elder Grange, Elder Umpierrez, Elder Berryhill, Elder Ruddy and Elder Bradshaw. It was a nice little meeting and we could all definatly feel the spirit. Thank you for the package you sent. I think the tie is now my favorite tie. And the candy is definitely a nice thing to have.
                                         Elder Boren and Elder Berryhill. Jamba Juice

Friday morning we found out that the investigator we finished teaching (Fatima) has now become one of our two teachers. Its a pretty interesting concept and now it makes me wonder what she thought of our teaching. We also got introduced to our two new investigators. Who are just our teachers acting out investigators that they met on their missions. The first one is Chris. Christ is very depressed and doesn't feel like he is loved. He lost most of his family and grew up in an orphanage. The other one is Ester. Ester is a very christian lady who wants to know more about our church. I was finally able to go and play some soccer during gym time. I went on splits with Elder Bradshaw and we played four on four with some other elders there. It was fun and a good work out. 

Saturday we began teaching Chris. He is lacking lots of self-confidence and feels like everything bad happens to him. Its very different to teach him and some what harder because we can't relate to him. He is the kind of investigator I think I will run into often in Mexico. Just have to find a way for him to feel the love of god and know that he can turn to him for help.

On Sunday the districts that were here when we got her were leaving. That includes our zone leaders Elder Kirk and Elder Ferrin. We went over to their appartment after the devotional and talked of a while and got a bunch of pictures taken. They are all going to Costa Rica. We also got our new zone leaders, Elder Voss and Elder Wennig. The devotional on sunday was given by Jenny Oaks Baker. She is the daughter of Elder Oaks and is a professional violinist. She played us some music with accompany from her kids and also talked on the importance of faith. After the devotional we went and watched a video on the Doctrine of Christ given by Elder Oaks. It was a good talk and really enjoyable. 

   Saying goodbye to Zone Leaders

                                            Elder Boren and Elder Berryhill

This Monday we got to teach Ester. I think this lesson went amazing. I think we were able to get across real well what we wanted to teach and we were really able to get to know her well. She seems really open to our teaching and wants to know more. We left her with a Book of Mormon and invited her to read the title page and the introduction. Later Sister Dicarlo gave us a coaching session on how to study for Spanish. She said to get a better understanding of the language by reading the Spanish version of the Book of Mormon for at least ten minutes a day. 

Yesterday we played four-square and found out how intense the games can get. It was fun and was defiantly something I would do again during gym time. I also decided to start a photo log which I will do every night. Nothing much happen yesterday besides Elder Umpierrez being weird as usual. 

If you do end up making the peach salsa I would love it if you could send me some while I'm here in the MTC. I'll be sending a letter in response to Jacob and Riley later today so expect it to get there about Monday. Oh and today while entering the temple I saw The Randell girls. They are here for education week. It was nice to see people from home.

Elder Boren

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