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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Week 99

It has been a great week here in Quincy. The weather has been getting a little cooler as of recent but, it is still pretty warm. We had transfers and now we are getting into what is going to be a great transfer. Elder Bonny is great and we are having a wonderful time already. He is from St. George, Utah. He has been out for about a year already. It is also going to be his birthday tomorrow so we get to celebrate him turning 19. Elder Richardson and I happened to let our member dinner for Wednesday know that it was his Birthday so they will probably do something for him. 

We have just finished having such a wonderful spirit filled weekend. It started with our combined mission conference with Elder Anderson. The things they shared with us were so great. We got to take a mission picture with the general authorities and we also got to shake hands with each of them. Our two missions filled up the whole chapel and overflow in the stake center. That is a lot of missionaries in one place at one time. Elder Koch talked to us about the importance of working with less-active families as well as part-member families. He talked a bit about how we need to make sure we also work on strengthening the roots of the church in the places we serve. He also touched on acting rather than being acted upon and how we need to have a good essence and a good appearance. Elder Hallstrom spoke on being edified in the meetings we attend. He shared the scriptures D&C 43:8-9 and D&C 44:1-2 and talked about the promised that are listed there. Elder Bonny and I talked about how it is very likely that his talk was to help prepare us to hear from Elder Anderson. Elder Anderson also talked to us on working with less-actives, part-members and youth. He talked about how us as missionaries need to make a push to do more personal contacting because if we do so we will able to increase the success that we are seeing in our area. He told us that he sees our missions baptizing about 30 more people a month. The second part of his talk was how we need to use these two years of our mission to really know who the savior is. He exhorted us to learn and memorize 10 scriptures that we really believe and are meaningful to us from the New Testament and another 10 from the Book of Mormon.  I'm going to try and do it before I finish my mission. 

On Sunday we had our missionary fireside and that was a treat as well. We didn't have the turnout we hoped for but, it was a great experience for those that we able to attend. They both spoke on the gospel of Jesus Christ and I could really feel that what they shared really spoke to each person individually. Sister Lewis spoke on how all of Gods creations help show each of us that there is a God and how they help us grow in faith to grow and progress. Then the musical number right after was perfectly fit to that on Gods creations and it was so cool. Being able to hear from President and Sister Lewis is always a privilege. They have such a strong spirit and share such wonderful insights. 

Elder Bonny and I are looking forward to an great week and we have high hopes for this transfer. It is going to be a wonderful time. I hope everyone has a great week. 

Con amor,
Elder Boren

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