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Monday, May 9, 2016

Baptism this Saturday (week 43)

We had ourselves a pretty good past week. We got to see one of the youth open up their call, we had an awesome Zone Training Meeting, and we had a great Sabbath day.

To begin the Spanish branch is going to be sending off their first missionary. It is a pretty big thing for them. He is going to be serving in the Portugal Lisbon mission. He is pretty excited although he was hoping to be called somewhere in the states. He has been asking us a bunch of questions making sure he knows everything about missionary work. We are hoping to have some more chances to take him out with us so he can experience missionary work for himself.  

Our Zone Training Meeting was this past Saturday. The meeting was focused on becoming better disciples of Christ and how we can prepare to teach in a way that others understand. In the mission there has been a bit of focus on us filling our wells with knowledge so the spirit can draw on it. Something that I though of during the training was what is the point of filling the well if we don't maintain that well. We can strengthen our well and make it easier for the spirit to draw on the wealth of knowledge their by practicing what we learn and making the application in our lives. If we don't maintain the well it become hard and sometimes nearly impossible for the spirit to draw on the knowledge we have their. So part of becoming better teachers is practicing and strengthening our well. When we do that we can be better tools in the hands of the Lord and the spirit can work better through us. 

 We have been working with the investigator that is going to be baptized this Saturday and trying to make as much contact with him as possible. He is an amazing young man and love to learn about the gospel. Finding him and being able to teach him has been one of the many miracles we have been blessed with. We have some more things to teach him and make sure he is understanding it all. Anastacio who got baptized a few weeks ago just got the priesthood and is hopefully going to be able to go with the branch to do baptisms for the dead this Friday

We have ourselves another great week ahead of us and more people to teach and help find the blessings the gospel brings. I hope all is well back home.

Love you all,
Elder Boren

Short letter to me (Mom)

It was great being able to see and talk to you as well. I am having a great time here on my mission. I didn't expect the time to be going by so fast though. The harvest is really cool. Last fall when the apple harvest was winding to a close everyone we talked to offered us a bag of apples. And I'm guessing that It might be something similar with all the different things they harvest here.  Many of the members here tell me of how they have heard of Texas being a big agriculture place but just like you all I've seen grown is corn. 

We are really looking forward to the baptism. It's going to be great. We did a bit of tracting but not as much as we did last week. We get most referrals if any from the members. There are a couple members in the branch that want us to talk to everyone they know. We just have to find the ones that are prepared. The investigators we have really seen progressing are those that are from the members and member involvement. 

They had brunch during church? Did the boys do well on their cooking? 

The weather has been pretty good. It's dry so it's easy to get away from the heat. We get wind a bunch. I'm still wearing long sleeves because it tends to drop in temperature and get windier at night. 

Love you,
Elder Boren
                                             Want some asparagus? Yes it is very tall asparagus.
                                                     Sadly we got a flat tire on our car
                                         Elder Sanchez had to take a selfie before fixing the tire.
                                                 Zone picture as we gather around the fire.
                                     Listening to the scriptures as they are read to us by sister McArthur
We made sopes for dinner one night. They are the home made tortilla like things.

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